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Canadian Base

Serving Canada (Except Alberta) with 138 members

Commanding Officer (CO): Delaana Terallo (Nathalie Elliott)
Executive Officer (XO): Lady Lekku (Toni Weri)

Canadian Base forum

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Delaana Terallo
Real name: Nathalie Elliott
Canadian Base CO


Aayla Secura

Princess Leia Organa
 member of the Imperial Senate 

Lady Lekku
Real name: Toni Weri
Canadian Base XO

Ka Poeira Windu

Sierra Windu
 Imperial Knight 

Toan Windu

Shaak Ti
 Jedi Master 

Active Legion Member

Aggi Wayfarer

Real name: Alicia Paquette
Active Legion Member

Padme Amidala- Geonosis Suit

Padme Amidala clone wars

Senator Padme Amidala

Padme Amidala as Battle Handmaiden
 Handmaiden/ Queen 

Active Legion Member


Active Legion Member

Padme Veranda NightGown

Padme Battle Handmaiden
 Queen of Naboo 

Sheltay Retrac
 Alderaan Delegation 

Rey (jedi training)
 Jedi in training 

Rey (Rise of Skywalker)
 Jedi Knight 

Padme (arena ripped top)

Rey (Resistance)

Princess Leia (Senatorial gown)
 Rebel/Princess of Alderaan 

Rey Jakku

Padme Arena
 Naboo senator 


Real name: Angela Chidley
Active Legion Member



Active Legion Member

Fal Rex (Generic Jedi)

Rebel Legion Reserve


ESB Snowspeeder Pilot - Stunt

Real name: Benjamin Pass
Active Legion Member

Pasbe Stemon

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