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Dune Sea Base

Serving Netherlands with 35 members

Commanding Officer (CO): Myena (Serena)
Executive Officer (XO): Dutchwookiee (Hans van Beek)
Recruitment Officer (RO): Milori T'Bell

Dune Sea Base forum

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Real name: Serena
Dune Sea Base CO

Vice admiral Amilyn Holdo
 Vice Admiral 

Leia organa

Padme Skywalker

Leia organa

Padme Naberrie

Padme Naberrie

Real name: Hans van Beek
Dune Sea Base XO


Milori T'Bell
Base Membership Officer

Axel Higgs

Milori T'Bell

Real name: Angelo Maas
Active Legion Member


Active Legion Member

Willrow Hood ''Ice Cream Guy''

Zev Tanaka

Captain Solo
Real name: Evert Joosse
Active Legion Member

Han Solo (Pit of Carkoon)

Han Solo Episode VI

Han Solo (Hoth Gear)

Han Solo (Episode IV)

Han Solo ESB

Active Legion Member

Jyn Erso

Real name: Dirk Eijkemans
Active Legion Member


Jakar Lanith

Real name: Michael
Active Legion Member


Active Legion Member

Han Solo

Anakin Skywalker episode 3 version

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