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Viewing costume :: Ami-Lyn Kel

Character Profile

Ami-Lyn Kel
Jedi Knight
Member:  Ami-Lyn Kel (Amy Kelly)
Regional Captain
Freedom Base
Character Name:  Ami-Lyn Kel
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi Knight
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Ami-Lyn Kel was born 35 years before the
Battle of Yavin (or, seven years after
Skywalker was born), on Mandalore, the
fifth planet in the Mandalore system of the
Outer Rim Territories. However, she is not
Mandalorian. She was born to human
parents, who agreed with the nomadic
nature of the Mandalorians. But because
Mandalorians were frequently allied with
the Sith, the family didn't feel entirely safe
and they left Mandalore a few years after
Ami-Lyn's birth.

They moved to Coruscant, where Master
Yoda discovered the Force was strong in
Lyn, as well as her parents. Because of
their age, they were too old for training in
ways of the Jedi. However, her parents
brought 5 year-old Ami-Lyn to the Jedi
for training (she later became Jedi Master
Shaak Ti's Padawan), where she stayed,
until shortly before Order 66 was
delivered. Ami-Lyn's parents had foreseen
a great
disturbance in the Force and felt their
daughter's life was in great danger on that
planet. They removed her from the
Temple beforehand and the family barely
made it
off the planet alive.

To save their daughter from Order 66 and
from the Great Jedi Purge that followed,
the family moved to the planet Drall,
where they settled in one of its forests,
near the
Boiling Sea. Ami-Lyn considers Drall her
home world, but travels through the
System as a Jedi peacekeeper. She has
not yet become a Jedi Master.

Ami-Lyn was able to complete the trials to
become a Jedi Knight. However, since all
the Jedis had either been murdered or
scattered throughout the galaxy, she had
complete her training on her own.
the Trial of Skill: light saber battle
against Asajj Ventress
the Trial of Courage: battle during
Order 66 when the family was trying to
Corsucant, when surrounded by Clone
the Trial of the Flesh: loss and not
knowing what became of her Master,
Shaak Ti,
after Order 66 was enacted
the Trial of Spirit: having a vision of
submitting to the Dark Side in order to
regain the lost Jedi's that were killed
during Order 66
the Trial of Insight or Knowledge:
done periodically throughout her training
the Temple.

Costume (Old Republic Jedi):
'Natural' colored (very light tan)
outer tunic, mid-thigh length
'Natural' colored (light off white)
jersey, worn inside tunic
Brown tabards and obi
'Natural' colored (very light tan)
pants that match the tunic.
Brown leather belt with smaller inner
strap held by "thumbtack" studs and silver
buckle attached to inner strap with two 'D'-
Leather belt pouch
Jedi capsules on the belt: chrome
(energy), brown (food), silver (energy)
Knee-height dark brown boots
Dark brown Jedi robe
Jedi communicator
Green lightsaber (Master Yoda's).
Also has an unmatching lightsaber hilt that
hangs on belt.


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