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Viewing costume :: Atil Shahm Organa/Arkan Kiye

Character Profile

Atil Shahm Organa/Arkan Kiye
Jedi General
Member:  AlTJediKnight70BBY
Rebel Legion Reserve
Sunrider Base
Character Name:  Atil Shahm Organa/Arkan Kiye
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi General
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

I. Jedi Attire/Accessory Description*
*(The Jedi Uniform is Based On one of
the Nameless Jedi Knights That Fought
Bravely In The Execution Arena of
Geonosis, Episode II, Attack of the

I. Jedi Attire/Accesory Description*

*(The Jedi Uniform is Based On one of the Nameless Jedi Knights That Fought Bravely In The Execution Arena of Geonosis, Episode II, Attack of the Clones).

A. Dubbed the "Standard Temple Style, Jedi Knight, Light Brown All Purpose Weight" Over Tunic, antique White coloured undertunic and dark brown trousers, Organa's Jediover and under tunic is made of a "homespun" cotton fabric, including the tabbards and obi. They are in contrast in comparison to the texture of the denim type dark trousers he wears on missions. It is the standard Jedi "Day Uniform" style worn by most Jedi in the Galaxy in the Old Republic. Also waers light or white trousers while on Certain missions.
NOTE: Also, Atil often wears what's called Cerean Style surcoat over a plain, crinkle cotton "Service Corps" unlined Jedi tunic, in honour of his former master, Ki Adi Mundi. Atil finds it much easier to wear this robe ensemble, as the standard robe worn in the Temple often proves very cumbersome on missions, especially where flying a starship may be required.

B. His robe, another simple design, is from mostly wool construction, made in a crepe pattern, of Dark brown, much like Agen Kolar or Eeth Koth's robe. This is Organa's third robe, as the first two survived, but were riddled with blaster fire during the Battles of Geonosis, and Bos Pity, especially in the elongated sleeves. On long, arduous missions during the Clone Wars, Atil was known to carry 3 or more mini thermal detonators in a hidden pouch in his robe, which explained while fighting at the Battle of Saleucami, Atil threw his robe at a squad of battle droids, decimating them to pieces. The robe's construction is medium brown melton crepe 'wool'. Concerning the sleeves, Atil lately prefers an elongated sleeve length, especially in a combat situation, if and when he uses a standard Temple designed robe. Again, his Cerean robes are preferred for better maneuverability during combat operations.

C. The utility belt is a custom handcrafted "bantha" leather construction The buckle itself is used to accommodate a small, VV-1 homing/tracking device, with dual purpose of attaching onto the hulls of pursued spacecraft, and locating whereabouts if captured. Since the device looks like ordinary buckle adornment, no one except Organa is the wiser. Organa also often wears a standard Jedi belt, with single strap and standard belt with no homing device, on some missions. Also included are leather pouches just big enough to hold provisional rations, first aid kit,long- range comlink, and tools, a full set of food capsules are also clipped onto the belt, but as they fly off during combat, many times Organa will metal tape fasten them into his pouch to avoid noise while moving about. A mini holoprojector is also carried. What he doesn't carry dumbfounded the imagination. uses the liquid cable grappling hook issued to so many Jedi. A mini A-99 Aqua Lung is kept in the main pouch, although, holding his breath for long periods of time has proved to be a unique talent of late, learned from the legendary Nautolan Jedi Master, Kit Fisto, the hero of Geonosis and Mon Calamari).
D. Atil's boots have almost always been of the field grade, travel height grade, mostly of suede bantha leather with reinforced toe, based on an Alderaanian military design, and were made custom on Alderaan, in the tradition of Alderaanin security forces (wore this set while fighting on Geonosis). Made by Atil's request, in the vein of those of an admired man, Captain Lor Antilles, these boots, feature ultra traction sole and heel for arduous missions. For ceremony, and formal meetings at the Temple command center, Atil also has a set of smooth leather standard field travel boots, spit shined to a high polish .

E. Note: During the Clone Wars, and especially with General Grievous' advent into the hostilities, Organa often used a pair of long forearm bracers, made of leather, encasing small cortosis plates to protect his wrists and hands from dismemberment due to lightsaber cuts, this technique was learned from legendary Jedi Master, Kai Rhann Jerra, who used his original pair frequently during the Clone Wars (No wonder he survived intact).

II. The Story

Full Name: Atil Shahm Organa

Aliases: Arkan-Kiye

Species: Human

Born: The Year of Zann-aman 70BBY (before The Battle of Yavin)

Homeworld: Alderaan

Last Jedi Rank: During the Old Republic, held rank of Knight during the Stark HyperSpace War of 44 BBY Jedi Master/General, in 28 BBY, was named a Jedi Master in a Joint Ceremony (one to be named Master was Atil's own Master himself, Ki Adi Mundi.

Born: (where originally from): Alderaan, but lived for a time on Vjun, as well as Corellia.

Known Relatives: Bail Organa, 1st Cousin, and members of the House of Organa (from whom Atil came from)

Now Lives: Corellia

Height: 71 inches

Build: Muscular/Athletic

Weight: 198 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eyes: Brown

Speaks: A Number of Outer Rim Languages, including Huttese, also speaks native Standard BASIC dialect of Chalacti, Chandrilan, Arkanian, Corellian,as well as Anzati

Sword Fighting Specialty: Form V Djem So, Shien (blaster bolt deflection technique)Master (after being trained by the Former Battle Master ,Nihon Quall) Proficent in Form IV Ataru (Although he doesn't use it often, he is very familiar with Force assisted Body Dynamics, lethal blade twirling, and head long, Force assisted sword thrusts) Also knows the other fundamental sword fighting forms like Form I Shii Cho, which Atil uses more than often.

Force Specialty: Power Telekinesis, Force assisted body hurling, Force assisted mind suggestion, and as of late, tapping into, however not submitting to, the Dark Side of the Force by way of the study of Vapaad.

Other Specialty: hand to hand combat expert in other intergalactic Martial Arts and disciplines.

Flies: During the Stark Hyperspace war, as a Young Jedi Knight Flew numerous Alpha,Beta, and Chi Class Jedi Starships of the era, During the Clone Wars, Flew numerous Delta Athersprite and Eta Actis Class Jedi Fighter Interceptors, the first, destroyed while leading an arial combat mission over the skies of Bos Pity, in the Outer Rim, the Last, given over to old friend,Master Obi Wan Kenobi, before Atil's temporary resignation from the Jedi Order (now reinstated). Anakin Skywalker once vied for ownership of the vessel and the R-4G112 unit Atil left behind, but Obi Wan admonished him about his apparent materialism. The young Jedi Knight later forgot the idea...for the time being...

To Date: Flies a 100 year old Seinar Company Design Systems 150 Class Courier vessel he named Ashla's Wind, once flown by his late Master, Jedi Battle Master Quall during the Outbound Flight Era of the Old Republic. Also has an older, more archaic dark blue accented astromech droid named R-2C9. Though almost a century old, a very reliable and trustworthy droid indeed...with a personality much like the celebrated R2D2.


Born to an Alderaanian Government official Mons Organa and his Matron wife, Drehuah, to the House of Organa in the year 70 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) on Alderaan (Atil's father is the brother of Senator Bail Organa's father). After his birth, the family moved to the Outer Rim World of Vjun as Atil's father was called to work as an Emissary there. Soon after, Atil was discovered by Legendary Jedi Master, Ki Adi Mundi, who witnessed the 3 year old boy's profound telekinetic skills. Before taking the human boy to Coruscant, and to the Jedi Temple, Mundi informed Alderaanian couple of Atil's extraordinary Force abilities, Jedi Knight Mundi promised his stoic-faced parents,that Atil would be well taken care of by the Jedi. (In the year 15BBY, Atil made a special trip to see them, albeit in the garb of an Imperial official. From his inception into the Jedi Order, until 50BBY, Atil grew in the ranks of the Jedi order rather quickly, passing all 5 main Jedi Trials as a Padawan, and being awarded the rank of Jedi Knight by 48 BBY. It was the first time that the Master (Ki Adi) remained a Knight, as his Padawan joined him as a fellow Knight in the Order (Mundi was passed over as Jedi Master at that time) This decision began raising speculation in Atil''s mind, on the Validity of the Council's decisions. But nonetheless, Atil relished the honour of being awarded the title of Jedi Knight). Ki Adi Mundi went on to train another promising apprentice--A'sharad Hett, from Tatooine. Mundi started training him at an early age. From the start, Atil and A'sharad Hett became instant rivals, although Atil had maintained a lasting friendship with Hett's father, Jedi Master Sharad Hett, up until the the older Hett's death on Tatooine by Aurra Sing, ex-Jedi turned Bounty Hunter.

Now A Jedi Knight of the Old Republic Era, Atil went on to become a highly decorated Former Jedi General and Veteran of The Stark HyperSpace Wars of 44 BBY(serving with Ki Adi Mundi side by side), during First and Second battles of Qotile, as well as taking part in the Thyferra Mission. After that, In 35 BBY Atil served as Guardian and Watchman along side Mundi during the Yinchorri Uprisings of 33 BBY as well as the Battle of Naboo 32 BBY. Soon after, in 28 BBY, Ki Adi Mundi was awarded the Title of Master, at a branch ceremony at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Meanwhile, Atil went on to train his first Padawan, himself, to Knighthood: The beautiful but highly skilled Jar Kai expert, Jedi Knight Davina Vas, from the former Planet of Chalacta (now annexed into the Corellian Union). In the year 22 BBY, both Jedi, along with now Master Ki Adi Mundi, found themselves on Geonosis in an execution arena in a rescue task force with 100 or so other Jedi. Their successful rescue of Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywaker, Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padme Amidala earned the Jedi and Atil specifically, many accolades back on Coruscant. Soon after, Atil himself was awarded the Rank of Master, awarded by Yoda and Mace Windu. It was an unforgettable milestone for the Alderanian Jedi. (Note: Atil and Legendary Korrunai Master, Mace Windu, were former friends a while back, and at one time, under the same Clan as Younglings. Both Jedi, being the same age, were picked up for Apprenticeship (Padawan training) around the same time as well, although, after Padawan training and into Knighthood, Windu surpassed Atil, and was named 2nd command of the Jedi Council, behind Master Yoda. Both Atil and Mace seemed to drift apart from their friendship right about this point. (Much later, before the end of the Clone Wars, both Jedi reconciled, and worked together on many campaigns during the Clone conflict).

Lightsaber Description Blade Color:

1st lightsaber as Padawan through Early Knighthood : Blue Adegan Crystal, Clan design Hilt, similar to Ki Adi Mundi's design
2nd lightsaber, as Jedi Knight through Mastery(Early Clone War Period): Blue Adegan/Mephite Crystal, Clan design, similar to Ki Adi Mundi's design

Tales of The Lightsaber

I. For most of Atil's Jedi career, he served as a Guardian, utilizing a Blue Mephite Adegan focusing crystal. Atil's First Lightsaber, from his Padawan days until early Knighthood, was a Clan Design, Temple quartermaster approved, lightsaber hilt, similar to Ki Adi Mundi's own lightsaber, but with a more austere flat finish, and a more simplified component matrix. During the beginning of his Jedi career, he used BLUE focusing crystals he once acquired as a 14 year old Padawan on a pilgrimage to the Snow Blizzard-ridden Planet of Ilum,in the Outer Rim, accompanying several initiates within His Clan (Bear), and led by Master Yoda. Later, after Knighthood, Atil used another Lightsaber hilt, the same simple "Ki Adi" Clan saber design,But more elaborate finish, and fitting it with stronger Deep Blue Mephite Blue focusing crystal before the Battle of Geonosis, and it served him well, until building his 3nd saber hilt, a "Plo Koon Exhaust Port Pommel" style, at the height of the Clone Wars, after the last hilt was damaged by a blaster bolt. Like the last saber, Atil used Blue Mephite focusing crystals, which he thought suited his character a bit more (On Geonosis, in the Petranaki Execution Arena, using the BLUE bladed clan saber, Atil made a name for himself, decimating many battle droids, and Geonosians, opposing the Jedi).
The one he uses of late, is dubbed the "Clone Wars" saber, but NOW fitted with a heavily powerful Adegan Green Crystal from Ilum, letting off an imposing Emerald Green hue.


Pictures on other sites

 Action shot iluminated saber

 Another Action Shot



 Back - Belt

 Belt - Right



 Front - Collar



 My Light Saber-Clan design (Ki Adi Mundi Style)



 Robe - Back

 Robe - Front

 Robe w/hood

 Sleeve - Left

 Sleeve - Right

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