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Viewing costume :: Jailex Lpz

Character Profile

Jailex Lpz
Jedi Master/Guardian
Member:  Aldrums24 (Alexis Lopez)
Puerto Rico Base XO
Puerto Rico Base
Character Name:  Jailex Lpz
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi Master/Guardian
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

First costume approved of mine!

The life of Jailex:
Jailex was a Jedi Knight who serves
the Jedi Order and bring peace and
justice in the Galactic Republic.

He was born in a noble family with the surname Lpz in the year 65
BBY in Coruscant, at age 4 he was found by a Jedi of unknown
name and with the authorization of his family the child was part of
From his new family, the Jedi Order, his training almost went to
failure because at the age of five it was difficult to learn his
teachings even so, Master Yoda saw a potential in his future and
decided to help , he met a boy named Obi-Wan Kenobi from the
planet Stewjon, he passed the time and Jailex finally to be an
apprentice, at the age of 17 he was a padawan from a teacher of
an unknown name, it is said that step the most time in strong
missions because he always liked them because they
thought they were always achieved, he arrived at coruscant and he
passed his Jedi trials, he became a Jedi knight, the moment to
decide was already, two years later he learned that the Dooku Jedi
left the order to claim your inheritance on your home planet, this
is when Jailex looks at the list of padawans that I could choose, I
look at one such name Kanaichi, because it is said that this name
is well known because several years ago a librarian jedi
became one of the best and the youngest in the order, the boy was
his great-great-grandson with his name, and jailex proudly chose

Jailex and his apprentice Kanaichi went on missions but most of all
he wanted to be like his great-great-grandfather, they spent the
years and Kanaichi became a gentleman even though they went
together to missions because for Jailex he was his brother more, it
had been heard that a group of pirateshad infiltrated
the outer rim planet called Felucia, although the planet was
independent, they asked the republic for help and so they sent
some jedis to help them and end a deal, but it was very lucky
because that pirate attack the first agreement with them was the
Jedi who abandoned the order, now called being Count Dooku now
with a lightsaber red as darkness, came after an agreement
between the republic and the planet came 4 Jedi, two knights and
a master with his apprentice arrived and they met with the famous
Count after a while of fighting and defending tribes that live in that
planet, the Jedi thought that Dooku was a Sith but seeing that he
had no Ingun follower decided to fight the 4 to Dokku,
but the Count went much further in the Jedi order was one of the
best handling the sword, his form of combat was the two called
Makashi, was a master with his lightsaber and the same Once with
the dark side of the force, he also defeated the Jedi master and his
apprentice, and there Jailex starts in combat using his five form
called Shien, fought for almost 30 minutes. Kanaichi wanted to
enter combat but the Jailex teachers did not allow him because
Dooku was much more superior, then Jailes told Kanaichi to run to
his ship and leave Coruscant to the temple and inform the council
and likewise to the republic, and so it was although Kanaichi
wanted to stay to help his former master obeyed And he left.
Jailex stayed on the planet with Dooku fighting, jailex had a little
advantage but after fighting around began to arrive pirate people
and surround the Jedi and former Jedi in a fight to the death in a
Dooku using the outside and the courage
that I had him lighting force choke and I threw him to the floor he
did a few words and jailex was wise he never let himself be carried
away by anger and he only told him these words (defeat me with
anger and I will follow you for your whole life) Dooky was wrong
because he was fighting with an ex friend, but likewise he took the
worst of the prayers and executed him, and so Jailex Lpz the
Master of Kanaichi died in year 40 before the events of episode 1.

kanaichi being of legal age and already a teacher, Master Yoda tells
him to choose the fate of Guardian and choose an Apprentice, the
happy I accept although I'm a little afraid because I did not want
to happen that his teacher Jailex, but believing in the strength he
did and chose a brown-skinned Padawan very sympathetic of the
planet Onderon called Twij'xx. And later I'll continue with your
story. may the force be with you. always

Jailex was a Jedi Knight who serve
the Jedi Order and bring peace and
justice in the Galactic Republic, he
born on the planet of Aldeeran, mis
master was Yoda on his youngling
age then Master Thame choose him
for be his Padawan, Jailex Pass the
Jedi trials and became a Jedi master ,
unfortunately he fallen in a battle
with Count Dooku in the planet of
Felucia, Jailex was in a mission with
his Padawan Jedi Kanaichi who
ancestors is one of the Greatest Jedi
Librarian in the Older his grand grand
grandfather, same name Kanaichi.


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