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Viewing costume :: Pai-Tu (Tag) Aldeggon

Character Profile

Pai-Tu (Tag) Aldeggon
Jedi Knight
Member:  Tag Aldeggon
Rebel Legion Reserve
Rogue Base
Character Name:  Pai-Tu (Tag) Aldeggon
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi Knight
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Pai-Tu Aldeggon was a renowned
Jedi historian whose extensive
research missions and pacifist
tendencies led him to petition for
sanctuary on the agricultural world
of Penraa during the Clone Wars.
Reluctant to take part in an armed
struggle against the Separatists, he
chose instead to abstain from the
conflict while continuing to compile
his great work, The History of the
Order; he thus escaped the
slaughter of Order 66.
He did, however, provide great
leadership during the sieges of
Penraa, a struggle wherein the
Separatist Alliance attempted to
seize the planet no less than four
times, each time being repelled by
Penraa's impenetrable defenses and
Aldeggon's masterful defensive.
strategies. Despite his pacifist
tendencies and mistrust of the Clone
Project, the Jedi master had no
hesitations about leading the
planet's own people to victory
against the tyrannical Separatist
armies. In honor of his remarkable
services, Master Aldeggon was
granted the full legal protection of
the state after the Clone Wars, and
in gratitude, Thenna, Queen of
Penraa, offered him complete
diplomatic asylum during the
ensuing Jedi Purge.

Pai-Tu’s diplomatic immunity was
challenged by the new Empire,
which demanded Aldeggon’s
delivery to the Imperial Security
Bureau. Under the Empire's New
Order, all Jedi were marked as
traitors, and Aldeggon was to be
tried for sedition by the command of
the new Emperor. Queen Thenna,
long an opponent of Palpatine's
policies, denied this order, and for
over a year fierce legal battles were
fought over the custody of Master
Aldeggon, whom the government of
Penraa claimed had been made a
legal citizen entitled to full planetary
protection. The massive defensive
capabilities of the planet, purchased
from the tremendous revenue of the
planet’s unending crop surpluses,
made invasion impossible even for
the Empire.

More than a thousand worlds
depended on Penraa for their food
and agricultural needs; Coruscant
itself was one of them. The entire
surface of the enormous planet had
been developed into the most fertile
farmland in the galaxy; the planet
also enjoyed an unending growing
season thanks to its unusual rotation
pattern. As a result, the planet had
incalculable wealth. Unrivalled
planetary shields, ion cannons, and
an undefeatable starfighter fleet
challenged even a full assault by
Imperial Star Destroyers. As a
result, Lord Vader was forced to
stage a daring covert mission to the
surface in an attempt to assassinate
Aldeggon in secret.

Upon arriving, it was discovered that
Aldeggon was not even on the
planet. Unknown to the Empire, he
had departed six months earlier for
Alderaan under the name of Tag
Aldeggon, where he and three other
Jedi were awaiting passage to secret
worlds where they could safely live
in exile. Furthermore, Pai-Tu had in
fact been married to the sister of
the Penraa’n governor, Lady Nialla
Jespa, since the execution of order
66. They had just barely had a son,
whom they had lovingly named Tag,
after Pai-Tu's adopted alias. Moving
quickly, Vader and the 501st closed
in on the refugee Jedi, and assailed
them in the capital city of Aldera.
Foreseeing the impending massacre,
Pai-Tu had his wife and child
installed in the Royal House of
Alderaan as servants and diplomatic
charges of the royal court; as a
result, Vader made no connection
between the Jedi and his family.
Nialla watched from afar as the Jedi
were destroyed before they could
reach any escaping vessels. Pai-Tu
was the last to fall to Vader’s blade.

A generation later, Tag Aldeggon
would become a great hero of the
Rebellion, piloting his Y-Wing against
both Death Stars and fighting in
every major campaign of the
Rebellion. Later, he would become a
Jedi of great dignity and power
under Skywalker’s new Jedi Order.
Wearing his father’s robes and
carrying his lightsaber, he brought
to the new order the massive
collection of histories and artifacts
assembled by his father, restoring
untold treasures of knowledge and
hope to the Jedi as they worked to
restore that which had been lost. For
generations, the Aldeggons would
stand as one of the greatest families
in Jedi history…


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 Master Pai-Tu (Tag) Aldeggon

 Pacifist, but also legendary warrior.

 Pai-Tu was a formidable Form III master

 Pai-Tu's lightsaber used a common clan design

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