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Viewing costume :: Johauna Darkrider

Character Profile


Johauna Darkrider
Member:  Johauna Firali (Jana Otahalova)
Archived Member Profile
Character Name:  Johauna Darkrider
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

RL Info:

I have my Jedi costume from beginning of 2004 (got it as belater christmas present from my husband :) ) I have it sewed, based on website (great resources here)

I have no problem making more photos of me in my costume, if you need them, just ask :)

RPG info

Name: Johauna Darkrider

Jedi rank: Padawan

Age 34

Species: human female


Mother: Lyreen D'Rouge

Father: Kae Darkrider

Short description:

Very little is known about Johauna’s past. She crashed on Yavin IV with her YT-2400 ship, which nearly cost her own life. Johauna survived the crash, because of the Jedi, who found her at the brink of death and saved her life. She holds Ergo Stomi, Aayla Vigil and Rash Loist in deep respect, as they are the very first faces she remembers and who were there, when her life was fading away. But, the cost was great. Johauna Darkrider lost her memories, forgetting who she was and why she headed for Yavin IV. In upcoming weeks, she was recovering in the Jedi temple and learning a bit from residents.

Few weeks passed and Johauna Darkrider discovered part of her past. She found an article in the Galactic alliance military records. Johauna originates from Corellia, born in Coronet City at 238.09 ABY. According to these military records, she served as an military Officer from her 15’s to 19’s, achieving several things, such as attaining rank of the Captain, getting her own flight squadron under her command and recieving even Galactic Alliance’s Military Commendation Medal, after Johauna and her squadron saved a member of the Senate from being assassinated. Johauna herself is not aware of this, she does not recall her military career, but it became obvious that she was trained in combat arts before, as some of her instincts prevailed in her. That proved as right, when a bounty hunter attacked her in the jungle on Yavin IV and she was forced to rely only on herself and her abilities. When at the critical, she utilized her immense strong will and killed him. Johauna assumes that she made several enemies in her past and quietly expects more ”visitors”, who might want to ”remind” her about her past.

It is unknown why she left the military, and her life from her 19’s is a mystery as well. Her pre-military life is unknown, the military records mentioned just that Johauna was unwilling to speak of her previous life.

Johauna discovered rather the hard way – that she is able to project her thoughts through the Force to others. These few who are aware of this trait of hers were surprised, as it may be pretty common ability among the Jedi, but it is fairly uncommon for a human to have such ability without any previous training. Some people frown at Johauna’s latent ability and she rarely speaks about it.

Five cycles later, on 262.25 ABY – Johauna was initiated into the Jedi Order by Jedi Master Soh Raun. She memorized words of Jared Quell during her initiation: “When I looked into your mind yesterday Johauna, I saw a great many things. The Council perhaps knows you even better than you know yourself right now.”

Johauna begun her Jedi training, being always at full swing. It began to go beyond point of reason, she started to be ruthless to herself, never giving herself a break. She spent most of her days and nights training and enhancing her Force & physical capabilities. She became even more closed to everyone in the Temple, due to her busy schedule. She however befriended few people – Kenta became her regular training partner, Akalenn befriended the red-haired Corellian, he being rather lonely person himself.

Johauna had a shared vision from Ergo Stomi, a vision where she saw Ergo’s father to be killed on cold planet Hoth. Since then, she grew to admire the Jedi Knight even more. Ergo Stomi was always calm in Johauna’s eyes. She always deemed him strong and held him in high respect, keeping her feelings towards the Kel Dor for herself. Johauna took time to find out a bit about Ergo’s past from Jedi Knight Jamus Kevari, finding out possible reason why Ergo Stomi was always so closed towards others in the Temple.

Johauna could be often found spending time in Ergo Stomi’s presence. She found his presence as calming and pleasant, ocassionally talking with him about various topics. Ergo Stomi was the one, who gave her first lessons on Telekinesis and Johauna kept working on it since then.

On 264.02 ABY her ruthlessness towards herself hit the critical point. Despite many warnings from fellow students and Masters alike, she pushed herself even harder and her body gave up on her, suffering serious damage to her knee due to too high physical stress. Johauna was unable to continue her physical training, spending nearly whole cycle in the Med-bay. This is where she realized the mistake of her own ways. Some of her friends stuck by her the whole time she was out of commission and that made Johauna to think more about her friends; people like Kenta, Akalenn, Moza and Ergo Stomi, who cared for her, despite her own inability to accept and understand that someone might care for her.

Johauna was chosen as Padawan learner by Ergo Stomi on 264.15 ABY, shortly after she recovered from the injury. She felt very honoured and surprised by that choice and it took her some time to reflect on these news. Yet – She was determined to become even more devoted student, not willing to let herself and her new Master down.

Part of Johauna’s past began to unfold once again, when she realized she recalled speaking the language of Mandalorians – Mando’a. It was slowly emerging in her mind. Her suspicions of being somehow tied to Mandalorians were proven true when she was contacted by Yule Ordi, Mandalorian warrior, on 264.21 ABY – being asked to help solving a conflict in clan Ordi. After rather long discussion with her Master, she was allowed to travel to Mandalore on hew own. She took her leave, promising she would be back as soon as the conflict in the clan would be solved. By then, she didn’t expect what her past had in store for her. Johauna found out she was married to Mandalorian warrior Drag Ordi, who was killed by powerful criminal going by nickname of ‘Black Widow’, who also put a bounty on Johauna’s head.

Johauna managed to bring peace to her clan, but she’s been suffering inside since that. She does not remember whole her life with Drag, but she feels intently what he meant for her. She recalled the feelings for him, as well as what it meant for her to be a Mandalorian. These inner struggles caused her to become rather hostile towards others, being even more distant for them. Johauna hid her own inner pain behind anger, to drive people away from her, to not see her struggling. That led to many conflicts, between her, students and even Masters.

Johauna spent a lot of time with reflection of herself. She knew that all of this built-up anger was harming her, as well as others, with the effect of slow-down on her own training as well. Finally, on 265.17 ABY, she decided to take more straight approach, to begin her own transition. She has been learning to master her own emotions since then, mostly in meditations, as well as during spars with her peers.

Johauna also travelled off-world with Ergo Stomi on few occasions, slowly trying to build up mutual relationship with her Master.

Things began to be bit more difficult for Johauna, when Master Stomi was offworld, on missions she couldn't follow him to. She was left with no direction and focus, which caused her to suffer a lot. However, in 267 ABY, she decided that sinking in her own doubts and worries wouldn't help her. She resumed her usual training pace, sticking to self-training for most part, still keeping away from company of others. She promised she would never stop training, even if it means to train on her own, without mentor supervising her. Ergo Stomi returned to the temple in beginning of 269 ABY - finally dedicating himself to teaching Johauna again.

Another year and half passed. Johauna Darkrider kept training with Ergo Stomi. Their relationship was hard. Johauna often felt her Master wouldn't acknowledge her as a Jedi and as a person, at least not openly. It worried her, caused her inner pain, but she wouldn't ever say anything. Johauna always hoped she would make a good team with her Master. These struggles were one of reasons why she wasn't fully in control of herself, allowing those to affect her and her mindset. Johauna Darkrider felt need for someone to acknowledge her for who she was, to see her worth, to see understanding and comradery as well. She didn't want to be all alone anymore.

In 270 ABY, Johauna Darkrider followed her Master on a mission to planet in Outer Rim. What seemed as easy rescue mission turned out completelly different. Ergo Stomi and Johauna Darkrider encountered a Dark Force user - Trilis. They faced him, with Ergo Stomi strucking him down, unarming him, with the intent to kill him. Johauna spoke up, seemingly she felt that killing an unarmed man was out of line. Trilis took an advantage of Ergo, attacking him yet again. Johauna didn't hesitate further, she jumped in and fought Trilis, to prevent him from hurting her Master any further. In the end, she killed him. It was second time she actually killed someone and it left a small mark in her mind. Soon after the mission, Johauna finds out who Trilis was - being an old companion of Ergo Stomi, his greed caused him to turn back on Jedi and become a scourge in the galaxy, killing many innocents. Ergo Stomi believed that some people are beyond help, once they cross the line too much. Johauna opposed him, she believes that anyone can be helped and redeemed, if they wish so.

Later, in 270 ABY, Johauna Darkrider is reassigned to Jamus Kevari, closest friend of Ergo Stomi, who gave her a good-bye, leaving the Temple again, travelling offworld, to follow up unfinished missions of his. Johauna was struck by this very hard, as Ergo Stomi was person she trusted to completelly. Being afraid of what new mentor would bring, she realized she had to overcome this. Ocassionally struggling, she was decided to not give up and continue to doing her best with her new Master.

Jamus Kevari was completelly different kind of mentor. At first, Johauna couldn't just get used to him, because his approach was more personal and also more compassionate. She was unable to place those feelings she had, as until now, she was treated rather coldly by her former Master, Ergo Stomi. However, Jamus Kevari seemed to have rather warm and positive demeanor. It took Johauna several cycles, but in the end, she started to believe to teachings and also philosophy Jamus Kevari was showing her. She would strive towards more optimistic approach. It was a slow process, but Young Darkrider put everything into these efforts. Soon, she grew to respect Kevari.

During that year, a good friend of hers, Ryrek Flavius died in a crash. Being terribly hit by that event, Johauna mourned his loss for several cycles, before being able to reconcile and move on.

The Force decided to shuffle with Johauna's fate yet again. Barely a year after - in late 271 ABY, being Padawan under Jamus Kevari, her mentor left the Jedi Order, with no note to anyone. Johauna Darkrider found out from third person, her friend - Jedi Knight Iverian Prey. She was shocked. At first, she was unable to even believe that Jamus Kevari would leave her behind like that, then she simply didn't want to accept it. Shutting down, turning everyone away once more, her heart was hurt yet again. All beliefs she had, all hopes, they all seemed to vanish in one go. Losing the hope of ever having a mentor again, Johauna spent most of her time alone, avoiding any contact, blaming herself for unability to move on.

By the beginning of 272 ABY, Johauna Darkrider was approached by Mon-Calamari Jedi Knight Arkallon on several occassions. They would share several talks and only a cycle later, the Mon Cal Knight offered Johauna Darkrider help - he requested her as his Padawan learner. Still lacking trust in anyone or anything, including herself, Johauna Darkrider struggled. She was afraid of failing another time. Losing another mentor and ending up with another nasty scar in her heart. In the end, Johauna accepted the offer of Arkallon, but her trust is still deeply shaken.

Johauna Darkrider and Arkallon would soon begin building their master-padawan relationship, and only time will show, if Johauna is able to heal all these old wounds, which were long supressed inside her.

Johauna still shares very close friendship with Chiss Akalenn, both dealing with their problems together, spending time together by training and helping each other. Johauna is generally most open to him, much more than anyone else. Despite having other friends, such as Kenta and Azra'elre'nim, none of those are as close as friendship she shares with Akalenn.

Her main focus is on her Jedi training, she doesn't want to waste time at all. She decided to supress her past, putting it aside, despite inner struggles she faces because of her unknown past. She doesn't want to talk about it, nor know it, being afraid of it even, that it could affect her again, as it did few years ago, when some of her past came to surface. She doesn't want that to happen again and thus, she decided to remain in ignorance, when it comes to her past.

After eight years of training, Johauna Darkrider became quite proficient with her lightsaber, being quite adapt in Form IV: Ataru. Her talent in this area is becoming more apparent. Johauna uses her natural aggression to her advantage, learning to master these emotions through lightsaber arts to aid her, without allowing them to control her. Her style may seem raw at first glance, uncontrolled, but she managed to learn to control her own anger and aggression to some extent already, only giving out the impression of uncontrolled aggression on the outside. She would continue her focus on that, as well as finally grasping her natural telepathic abilities, developing them further. She would pursue training herself in telekinesis as well, reaching decent level in it as well.

Johauna’s nature is reluctant, when it comes to talking to others about herself. She is proud and stubborn at times and she is not afraid to face hardships if needed. She’s protective of others, she’s wild and eager to learn. She’s often very lonely, prefering her own solitude, leaving the temple walls at nights, so she can clear her mind and refocus. She hates to show dependance and weakness, being hard on herself. In last years, a lack of self-confidence emerged in Johauna, coming down from her self-doubts. She is very pessimistic and generally doesn't trust to anyone. Johauna still suffers from insomnia, so she can be often found meditating or training at night. Once in a while, she forces herself into deep healing trance to maintain physical health and sanity.

(based on story I presented recently, when I started my new RPG character)


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