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Black Lives Matter Support
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lora Skywalker wrote:
wabbit89 wrote:
Lora Skywalker wrote:
There's a lot of things here, and I don't think I've got anything to add right now, but I did want to address this issue:

I've met members who were told because they're POC they can't costume "main" characters unless it matches their skin tone. That isn't right. We praise inclusivity (that is spelled wrong? I hate spelling) and then tell perspective members that?

As DXO of RLGS I just wanted to say that ANYONE can do ANY character they want, no matter what their skin color is, no matter what their gender is, no matter what their physical ability is!
Are most of the main characters white? Yes, they are. It doesn't matter. Do whatever character you want to do, not what others think you should do.
We absolutely want to see and welcome black, latina, first nation, heck, everyone to the legion and the detachment. Come join us. Be a black Leia or a crossplaying Padmé. It's all about the costume, not your skin color, hair color, your gender or sexual orientation. We promise we will welcome you in our detachment. Smile

Go out and ROCK whatever costume you want to! biker Dance Chewie rock pompom Guard

(P.s. The people saying you can't do a main character because of skin color are probably the same telling others not to do Jar Jar. To Byss with that! Do Jar Jar, too! Ahmed Best would approve).

Yaaaay to this! Thanks. I honestly didn't know the answer to this. Let's be fair, the canon isn't exactly diverse, so only bending allows for other races, etc. And I didn't know if it was OK or not. I'm glad to know it is.

Also, this post brings up an unrelated thing I've wondered about how to fix for a long time. See, I don't know what RLGS is. Or DXO, either. What do those stand for? There is a lot of alphabet soup here that is super intimidating to new members. I'm not a new member, and I still don't know what folks are talking about half the time. Not today's issue. At all. But seriously, the jargon (and the need to join a million groups) needs be streamlined or made to go away. If we want more and new and diverse members, let's make it easy for them to understand stuff. Just something to think on.

But I don't want to derail here.

Black Lives Matter.

I just saw no one else explained the DXO etc. so I thought I'd just quickly clear up the confusion. Smile

If you look to the left above my avatar and rank badge, you'll see 'Detachment XO' as my title. This is usually shortened to DXO. XO stands for 'Executive Officer'. So I'm the Detachment Executive Officer of the RLGS detachment.
Likewise there is a Commanding Officer aka CO. In the legion we have LCO (Legion Commanding Officer), DCO (Detachment Commanding Officer), BCO (Base Commanding Officer), and OCO (Outpost Commanding Officer). All of these have an Executive Officer as well, aka an XO.

RLGS stands for Rebel Legion Galactic Senate. All detachments have a short form that's an abbreviation of their full name. KJO, for example, is Knights of the Jedi Order, RLSC is Rebel Legion Starfighter Command, GSC is Galactic Strategic Command, and TWH is The Wretched Hive. Smile
I personally have references to my detachment in my signature, so that is another clue besides the rank under my forum name. Many other people do the same, so it can help you learn the different shortenings.
The shortenings are fairly standard with the CO and XO being the most used. Of course, it also helps if you know basic military jargon, but it's not really necessary.

Other good shortenings to know:
LCJ - Legion Costume Judge
LMO - Legion Membership Officer
BMO - Base Membership Officer
LPRO - Legion Public Relations Officer
LAC - Legion Administrative Council
RL - Rebel Legion

As far as I know all of these and more can be found in the charter, but I don't think we have a sticky anywhere with a full list of official shortenings used in the RL.

I hope that cleared things up for you. Smile (And anyone else who might have been confused).

You can go back to the topic now. Wink

It is important we do not become complicit in supporting racism or other forms of bigotry through silence and that we show everyone is welcome in our community. That has always been our goal and it is also in our charter where it says you cannot discriminate against people. Let us keep focus on that and show support for each other while we geek out over costumes. Smile

Thanks for taking the time. I've figured out many of the abbreviations through the years, but I still think there are waaaaaaaaay too many of them. Same with detachments and groups and etc, etc, etc. Heck, I never joined a detachment with my very first costume. Only found out last year it even belonged in one. (I did another in that group, and the line in my welcome email of "congratulations on your second detachment costume" puzzled me to no end for a while.) I personally just don't get detachments at all, and I find all the various groups tedious. And the alphabet soup is insane. Even if you figure out what an abbreviation means, it doesn't help you, because who the heck knows who that title even belongs to? But maybe that's just me. *shrug*

Anyway...thanks for taking the time and agreed on the rest. Silence is complicit.
It matters which side we choose. Even if there will never be more light than darkness... For every life we touch, it matters. I don't turn toward the light because it means some day I'll win some sort of cosmic game. I turn toward it because it is the light.

Qui-Gon Jinn, Master and Apprentice, Claudia Gray
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