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First Cosplay - ROTS Anakin

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thesinki93 ()
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:40 am    Post subject: First Cosplay - ROTS Anakin Reply with quote


So around the start of September 2017 I decided to start my first ever cosplay for Halloween. Part way through the build I stumbled across the Rebel Legion Costume Standards and member forums. What a great find that was!!! I just wish that I had found this place before I started the build Sad.

Living in Tasmania means I have limited access to the correct materials and products that would be a suitable standard for a ROTS Anakin straight out of the box. I found reputable sources online that could make professional grade versions what I needed (especially the leather work) but none of these products could get to me in time. Given the short time frame I made the decision early on to make as much of the fabric pieces myself and do my best to alter easily available costume grade versions of the accessories.

Unfortunately I don't think that my costume will make it as an approved Anakin Skywalker. I'm hoping that I will only need to make a few alterations to fit the generic Jedi guidelines. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback around what went well, what didn't, what needs completely replacing, what needs slight adjustment, etc. I had such an awesome time with this and can't wait to start my next Star Wars Cosplay... whatever that may be.

My build pictures come after I had completed the tunics, tabards and obi. Anyway this is what I did...

Outer Tunic
The main pattern that I followed was the Simplicity 5840 -

The material I used was labelled "Pure Cotton Cheese Cloth" which I sourced at my local fabric store, Spotlight. I purchased the off white colour. -

The material was double layered as the cloth was very thin and see through. The lapels for the OT were lined with a single layer of cotton batting for stability. Once complete the OT was dyed in a mixture of Dylon Black and Dylon Dark Brown permanent fabric dye.

Inner Tunic
The IT was made using the simplicity dickie instructions as a very rough guide. Once complete I sewed the false IT to an old tank top. The IT (and pants later on) were dyed in Rit Chocolate Brown dye. I would definitely recommend Dylon over Rit!!!

The Obi was made using the self scrunching Obi instructions by Vera Campbell -
The Obi was reinforced with a triple layer of the cotton batting. I decided to go with an adjustable Velcro mechanism rather than metal fasteners due to my ever changing waist size hahaha.

Cloth Tabards
The Cloth tabards were not made using the curved pattern in the simplicity 5840 pattern. The tabards were cut straight and were measured using the finished outer tunic as a reference. The cloth tabards were lined with a single layer of batting.

Leather Tabards
The Leather tabards were made with pleather fabric that I sourced from a vendor on alieexpress. The tabards were cut to length using the rebel legion costume standard guides. I left a one inch over hang around the perimeter, folded the sides and glued using PVA glue. The tabards were sewn with a seam on the top near the shoulder line.

I purchased the dreaded rubies glove. What an absolute piece of $%^&. I guess you get what you pay for. I had quite a lot of cotton batting left over so I decided to take it all apart to add padding in the correct places. I found a post by legion member BH1138 which was very helpful -

Original -
Taken Apart -
Padding -
Finished -

Overall I think it was a huge improvement and well worth the time. Still, I cannot go past the genuine leather gloves made by Claudio from Custom Props. When I get a chance to revisit this cosplay this will be one of the first purchases I make.

Belt and Accessories
I bought a pleather belt with accessories from
Everything was pretty good for the price but the colours were WAY off. All pieces were painted using a watered down acrylic paint applied using approximately 5 light coats. The pouches we clear coated with 3 layers of semi gloss clear spray acrylic.

Original -
Finished Pouches (Scratched at party Sad.)

The front pouch is the only genuine leather accessory on the whole cosplay. I made the pouch from scratch using a 4mm molding cowhide leather and a thin 2mm sheeps leather for the side pieces. The sides were glued and a single stitch was placed at the top 4 corners where the side pieces end. The size was gauged using my phone as a reference. The leather was cut using a rotary cutter wheel and the lines were made using a cheap leather stitch groover. A goldish magnetic fastener holds the front flap down.

Pouch Closed -
Pouch Open -

Interesting story!!! When I went to my local leather shop to buy the leather off cuts I needed there were three people looking through similar leather pieces. I struck up a conversation with them as I over heard their conversation... it was about leather for Jedi belt pouches. Turns out 2 of the 3 were members of the Hobart Rebel Legion chapter. If that is not The Force in action I don't know what is!!! (Thanks for your kind words, advice and encouragement Bethany, Rob and antB Smile. )

I purchased the boots from an ebay vendor in China -
For the price I paid I was really quite impressed. I added a few Velcro dots to keep the shin guard down. I also cut up an old pair of thongs for the heels for added height. The boots take me from 5 foot 11 to around 6 foot 2. Very nice Razz. My biggest gripe is that there is a visible zipper down each side. It is in black so does disguise well, but it will probably not cut the mustard when taking into account the both the Anakin and generic Jedi costume standards of no visible zips.

Boots and All Accessories -

With less than a week until the party I had a decision to make. Try and make a robe from scratch, or buy one and hope for the best. I had planned to source the correct fabric and make the robe using the tutorial from Eean Ledgor. I ended up buying the Rubies (iiiick Rubies again? :/) super deluxe robe from an Australian costume supply shop. The delivery was quick and came the next day.

The colour was way off compared to the online pictures. My first step was dyeing the robe in a bath of boiling water using a three to one ratio of brown/black dye. The dye i used was iDye Poly as the robe was 100% polyester.

Original Colour -
The Dye Bath -
Final Colour -

The armpit areas were so tight I couldn't really get my arm in once I had my pleather tabards on. Luckily there were folds on the top of the shoulder where the sleeve joined on to the body, giving me room to make adjustments.

Original Arm Right, Altered Arm Left -

My last step was to take the hood off as there were gathered folds on the center near the neck, but not on the outside where the hood drapes over the shoulders. I decided to switch this, making the hood seam flat in the middle, placing folds on the outsides of the hood seam. The seam was finished with a flat felled seam. A keen eye will see that I actually pinned the hood back onto the wrong side of the body. It was not fun unpicking that stitch.

Setting out the folds (ft cat licking it's bum) -

Finished Product

Overall I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Especially considering that this is my first attempt as any form of cosplay. The main issues that jump out at me are...

- The crinkle texture of the OT/IT/Obi and cloth tabards is close but isn't quite accurate.
- The IT is made with the exact same fabric as to OT
- The IT doesn't have any form of sleeve
- The forearm of the glove doesn't really divide into three distinguishable sections.
- The Velcro on the back of the belt is visible - Fixed
- The robe does not have deep shoulder tucks
- My lightsaber is an Ultrasabers Prophecy V3 and is nothing like a proper graflex style saber.

Anyway I would love to hear what you guys think. Cheers Smile

Generic Jedi Application Pictures


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B-Man (Glen)
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow...that looks great to me. Good work.

Thumbs up
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Lora Skywalker ()
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Rebelthon2020 (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not bad.

For generic, I'd say what I can see mostly looks good. The obi and belt needs to go higher (should sit right under the ribcage), and the tunic may be a tad short, but I can see you have a wide hem, so you can always let it out and have a slimmer hem if needed.
Most things seems to be in good order, but of course, you can't have an Anakin glove for a generic jedi.

For Anakin this would need some more work to get the details right and probably a lot of parts switched out with new ones.

Nordic Base BMO | DL of Aurora Delegation | CRC | She/Her They/Them

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thesinki93 ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 23 Oct 2017
Posts: 36

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks. Smile

It was a really fun learning how to do all this. I realize now just how much work needs to go into making a face character such as Anakin. I have to admit that I made a lot of mistakes and did a lot of short cuts to get the costume to a wearable stage. I don't think this approach is the way to go to really do justice to a face character costume.

Ill definitely look at lengthening my OT. The fabric is such a pain and shrinks a ridiculous amount every time I wash it. Ill also start wearing the obi a little higher. Smile

The first changes I plan on making will be buying a good glove (probably the one from custom props) and remaking the IT with the right textured fabric and including a left inner sleeve.

Do you think any of what I currently have would be suitable for an approved Anakin or should I be looking to redo the costume from the ground up?
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