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10/26/2019--2019 AIR & SCARE--UPDATES

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:00 pm    Post subject: 10/26/2019--2019 AIR & SCARE--UPDATES
Event starting Sat Oct 26, 2019 10:00 am for 8 hours
Reply with quote

Lists are updated -- please double-check to make sure your info is on them and correct.
Friday load-in time is changed to 12:30-2:30 PM
No table set-up on Friday- tables won't be delivered until Saturday morning
Only the large backdrops can be set up Friday
No bin drop off on Friday- it will all need to be loaded in on Saturday starting at 7 a.m.

On Friday, everyone who helps with load-in and setup must enter and exit through the Route 50 Gate. Their names must be on the Friday parking list -- which I need to provide to the Smithsonian by Wednesday morning -- so please if you are planning to assist with set up on Friday make sure you contact either Lori or me by Tuesday evening.

Dinner on Friday is at the Red Robin in Chantilly -- there is no official reservation, but they said that they could accommodate our Star Wars group(s) at any time.

On Saturday, everyone who is participating in A & S must enter through the Route 50 Gate. After the event, everyone can choose to exit either through the Route 50 Gate or the Route 28 Gate. If you park in the pay lot please see me at some point on Saturday to get your parking pass so you can exit. The parking list MUST be submitted on Thursday -- after that I cannot change it so please be advised.

Group photos will be taken in front of the Space Shuttle from 11 am to 11:45 am.

Food: As in the past, a limited # of lunches will be delivered to the Classrooms on Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to bring bottled water, soft drinks and food that they would like to supplement the catered lunches.

Important: Udvar-Hazy informed us that there have been some complaints about volunteers ignoring the driving and parking directions, as well as, speeding through the parking lots on the way to the North End. FYI, the speed limit on the road from the Rt. 50 gate to the parking lots is 25. The speed limit for the parking lots and the driveways to the North End is 15. Please follow these speed limits. Please stress to the member of the 501st, RL, R2D2 and Mando Mercs that if they are considered speeding and/or ignoring the driving and parking directions of the staff/volunteers, they will be asked to leave and will not be able to participate in A & S.

Dinner on Saturday evening is at the TGI Friday's at Worldgate -- this is the same place as last year. Reservation is starting at 6 p.m. and folks are welcome to trickle into the location. The location can be found here:

The link will not be live until 11:30 a.m. EDT, but here its....


Please do not panic if it says the form is not accepting responses -- I promise it will be live at 11:30

Please do not post re: attendance on this thread – we will be using Google Forms to sign up this year and the link to the sign-up form will be posted on Saturday, September 28 at 11:30 AM at the top of this thread. The link to the sign-up sheet will be posted on the following forums:
2019 Air & Scare Facebook Group
Garrison Tyranus
Freedom Base
Old Line Garrison
Terrapin Base
Mandalorian Mercs VA and MD forums
501st forums at in Troops and Events section
Rebel Legion forums in High Profile and Cross-Base Events Section

Please read the instructions in the Sign-Ups section below before for detailed information about numbers caps and sign-up procedures.

Event: Air & Scare
Location: Smithsonian Steven Udvar-Hazy Center National Air & Space Museum
Address: 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151
Date: Saturday, October 26, 2019
Time: 12 PM – 5:30 PM. Please plan to be available from 9 AM until 6:00 PM- that is my best guess about how long it will last and allows for suit up and breakdown time. Last year, there was a restriction from museum security that costume bags and bins could not be carried through the museum while it was open, from 10 AM – 5:30 PM. I will be checking with the museum to determine if this restriction applies again this year.
Until we confirm it, please plan to drop your bin off before 10 AM on Saturday. If you need to leave the event before 5:30 PM, please make arrangements with another volunteer to have your bin removed from the museum after it closes at 5:30 PM. Due to an event at the Smithsonian on Friday evening, we are not sure if we will be able to drop off bins on Friday night as in prior years. We are discussing with the Smithsonian how best to handle bin drop-off.

Set-up will be from 1 PM – 3 PM on Friday afternoon, October 25, and there is a column on the spreadsheet where you can sign up to help with Friday night set-up. We are working with the Smithsonian to try to get additional set-up time, either on Friday or early Saturday morning. We will post the details when we receive them.

Parking: Volunteers for the event who sign up in advance can park for free in a special lot. Volunteers who do not sign up in advance will need to park in the main lot, go through the security line at the front door, and pay the museum’s parking fee of $15 before 4 PM. We anticipate it will be the same location as last year, but will confirm and will post details closer to event day.

Changing Room: Classrooms 2A/2B in past years, subject to change. From the volunteer entrance, go straight until you reach the Blackbird plane, then take a left turn and go all the way back into the Claude Moore Education Center, then take the hallway to the left, and the classrooms are on the right side. They are before you reach the IMAX theater. The museum requires that only event volunteers are allowed into Classrooms 2A and 2B; friends and family members who are not working for the event are not allowed into the room. All event volunteers, whether costumed or non-costumed, will need to stop at the check-in table outside the classrooms and pick up a volunteer badge in order to access the changing room.

Hotel Room Block: Residence Inn Chantilly has graciously been our host hotel for the past few years. The rooms are suites, so they have a lot of space. Please book your room by October 11 to get our group rate.
**Hotel Room Block:** Residence Inn Chantilly Dulles South located at 14440 Chantilly Crossing Lane Chantilly, Virginia 20151 -- link for reservations in the room block is:

Smithsonian Website:
Event Staff:
* Volunteer Coordinator – Deb Benigni (Mysterychix on the forums)
Cell: 703-587-8764
* Smithsonian Liaison Lori Frye —(Midi-Chlorian Lori/midichlorianlori on forums).
Cell: 703-232-6962.
* 501st Coordinator: Damon Degner (Happytrooperdotcom)
Cell: 571-395-0062
* Rebel Legion Coordinator: Christopher Brooks (Solfrann)
Cell: 912-467-8008
* Mandalorian Mercs Coordinator: Christopher Brooks (Solfrann)
Cell: 912-467-8008

There is a cap on each type of event volunteers this year. Sign-ups will be first-come, first-served, but we will be verifying that your costumes are approved, or for handlers, that you are over 18 years old. If you sign up as a costumed volunteer or costumed handler with a non-approved costume, you will lose your spot on the waiting list.

Costumed volunteers: We have capacity for up to 120 costumed volunteers. Costumed volunteers must be wearing approved 501st, Rebel Legion or Mandalorian Mercs costumes, and will be working at one of our posed photo op stations and/or roaming the museum floor in costume. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space to include prospective members or Galactic Academy members for these positions. (Galactic Academy members are welcome to attend the event in costume as members of the public, but they may not enter the changing room. Access to the changing room is limited to event volunteers 18 years old or older at the museum’s request.)
Each costumed volunteer is limited to bringing two costumes, to make sure we have space for everyone’s costume gear in the changing room. Both costumes must be approved by one of our three participating clubs.
Handlers: We are offering two types of handler positions this year for sign-up purposes. We are capping the number of handlers at 60, including both types.

Costumed Handlers: In order to try to allow more club members to attend Air & Scare in costume, we are allowing some of our event handlers to attend in approved 501st, Rebel Legion or Mandalorian Mercs costumes, but there are restrictions on these handlers in order to ensure that we have enough space for our costumed volunteers:
* You need to be able to arrive at the museum fully costumed, and can’t bring any costume bags or bins into the museum. If you sign up as a costumed handler and try to bring costume bags or bins into the museum, you will be turned away at the door and won’t be able to troop the event this year. This restriction is necessary so we can provide this opportunity for more people to attend in costume – if we have problems with people breaking this rule we will not offer this opportunity next year. You are allowed to bring a bag approximately the size of a standard backpack.
* our costume must allow for full vision, hearing, and mobility: no helmets covering the face or ears, no masks, no armor that restricts mobility. These positions are good matches for characters such as Imperial Officers, Techs and Jedi.
* Your costume should have comfortable shoes or boots- some of our handler positions require a lot of running or standing, so your costume should allow for it.
* This position is not suitable for highly visible characters. The primary purpose for this position is to do support work for the event, not be a featured photo character, so if your character is likely to be stopped for photos every 5 minutes, please sign up as a costumed volunteer instead.
You will be expected to work the entire event (allowing for a break) as a handler. Please see the Handler Needs section below for descriptions of the available jobs.
* You must indicate on your sign-up prior to the event that you wish to be a costumed handler, and be approved as a costumed handler before the day of the event.
* Non-Costumed Handlers: Handlers must be 18 years old or older. If there is a particular type of handler position that you would like, please select it at the appropriate place in the sign-up form- the handler jobs are described in the Handler Needs section below. If you plan to work the Rebel Legion or 501st table all night, you can sign up here, but we will have a separate sign-up for specific shifts. This sign-up is only intended for handlers who are willing to be assigned shifts – if a family member or friend is attending who will walk around with an individual costumer but won’t be working any shifts to support the event, please do not have them sign up as a handler. Please note that, due to the space limitations in the changing room, only event volunteers working shifts will be able to enter the changing room. If you are bringing a potential handler to the event, please give them the link to the sign-up sheet and ask them sign up separately, so they can let me know what type of volunteer position that they may like. Each handler must be signed up individually in order to assist with the troop.

We have some special handler jobs that we need to fill this year; please take a look at the descriptions of these jobs, and if you are able to fill one of them, please let us know that you are interested in this job by filling in the Specific Volunteer Job Request field on the sign-up sheet:
Photo Op Handlers and Wranglers:
We will be having a three-person crew specifically assigned to each photo op through the entire event:
-Two photo op handlers manning the photo op itself: they will assist the costumed characters and manage photo op lines. This position will standing for long periods of time.
-One wrangler, who rounds up the volunteers for the next photo op shift and supervises the shift transition on each hour. The wrangler will also check in on the photo op mid-shift and make sure they are well equipped for water, radio batteries, etc. This position will require a lot of walking for the wranglers. This position is not recommended for anyone who wants to be in costume for the event.

We may add additional photo op handlers if needed to manage lines during the event.

Roaming Handlers:
These handlers will join groups of roaming costumers and assist with crowd control, forming lines as needed, and taking photos. These handlers can help ensure that the crowd forming around the costumers doesn’t block any hallways, doors or restrooms. No specific shifts will be assigned for this positions.

Changing Room Security:
We will need one volunteer to distribute and check for event badges at the changing room doors, and make sure that only event volunteers enter the changing room. Every volunteer, costumed or non-costumed, will need an event badge this year to enter the changing room during the event.

Changing Room Staff:
We will need one or two volunteers to assist with checking in volunteers, distributing volunteer badges and answering scheduling questions at the check-in table in the changing room. This is a non-costumed volunteer job running through the entire event. We also would like to have one or two volunteers in the changing room who are good at helping people get into or out of armor, to be available to assist as needed. In addition, if you are attending to help a specific character suit up or down, please note that on the sign-up sheets so we can make sure you get the correct access to the changing room. This is a non-costumed volunteer job running through the entire event.

Photographers for the Group Photos:
We can have one or two good photographers who won’t be in costume attend the group photo shoot, to take photos that will be distributed throughout the volunteer groups. I don’t know yet whether the group photo will be before the event, after the event, or both, but will post that information when it is received.

Stanchion Crew:
We will need a team of about 4 people to handle moving the stanchions that secure the Star Wars area and mark the photo op lines during Friday night set-up and on Saturday. You will be needed to do the following jobs:
Friday Night (starting approximately 5:30 PM): Set up stanchions to mark off the lines for the Vader photo op, the joint photo ops downstairs and upstairs, and the C-3PO photo op(shared with R2 Builders), and to block off the front of the 501st and RL tables. Stanchions need to be set up to block the Star Wars area from the public.
Saturday morning, 11 AM sharp: Move the stanchions that block the Star Wars area and use them to make the photo op lines for the 501st and Rebel Legion photo ops.
Saturday evening, 5:30 PM sharp: Move the stanchions from the 501st and Rebel Legion photo ops to block off the entire Star Wars area from the public.
5:30 PM or after group photo: Put away the stanchions from all of the photo ops in the area designated by the Smithsonian.
This job can’t be done while in costume, and the stanchions are pretty heavy. There will be a cart available to assist with moving the stanchions, but they will need to be lifted on and off the cart.

Backdrop Crew:
We will once again be using the two gorgeous backdrops that James Welsh has volunteered, which will take additional set-up time. We will need 8 volunteers to assist with set-up and tear down of the backdrop. Set up will be on Friday night at approximately 5:30 PM, and tear down will take place on Saturday night starting after the group photo. An ability to carry heavy objects and use basic tools is helpful for this position.
501st Table and Rebel Legion Table Set-up/Breakdown crews:
Set up Part 1 will be on Friday night at approximately 5:30 PM. Set up Part 2 will be Saturday morning at approximately 9 AM. Breakdown will start at 5:30 PM when the Star Wars section closes, and will finish after the group photo around 6 PM. If you’re participating in the group photo, you need to be in a mobile costume to help with the 5:30 PM breakdown.

Sign-Up Procedures:
We will be using Google Forms to sign up this year and the link to the sign-up form will be posted on Saturday, September 28 at 11:30 AM at the top of this thread. The link to the sign-up sheet will be posted on all of the forums listed at the top of the thread. We have a lot of forums to post on, so we can’t guarantee that the information will be live at exactly the same time.

To give members of each club and in various locations around the country an equal opportunity to sign-up, we will post the sign-up link first on the 2019 Air & Scare Facebook Group. We will then post it to the local garrisons, bases and clans and finally the national forums for the groups. If you are not currently a member of the 2019 Air & Scare Facebook Group and would like to join before sign-ups, please send Deb Benigni a friend request (if you’re not Facebook friends already) and a PM with your Facebook ID (your screen ID and/or the URL of your Facebook page), and she can add you to the group.

The Word documents linked below include the questions for each volunteer type: costumed volunteer, costumed handler and non-costumed handler. If you are unable to be online at the time of the sign-ups, you can print out the appropriate Word document, fill out your responses, and pass it on to someone else to complete the form online on your behalf at sign-up time. Please do not ask any members of our event staff to do this for you- they will be busy processing sign-ups and will not have time to input anyone’s information:

One Costume, Not Volunteering as Handler or for Table Shifts:
One Costume, also Volunteering as Handler:
Two Costumes, Not Volunteering as a Handler or for Table Shifts:
Two Costumes, Also Volunteering as a Handler or for Table Shifts:
Member Non-Costumed Handler:
Non-member Handler:
Costumed Handler:

You should decide what you would like to do before sign-ups go live, because your responses on the form will determine the flow of questions you receive. There are no maybes on the form- there are only Yes or No answers. Please give your best estimate on all responses- we understand that plans change over time and you can contact us to change them later.
Tips for Navigating the Google Form: Questions marked with a red star are required, and you need to answer them before you go on to the next screen. If you need to go back to a prior screen, do not use the back arrow on your web browser. There is a “Back” button at the bottom of each page that you can use to return to a prior page.

Google Forms provides a time stamp of when the form is submitted, so we will use those time stamps to determine the order of sign-ups. Volunteers from each group who are on our event staff will be helping to organize the list in order of sign-up, verify that all costumes are approved, and determine the final names of the 120 volunteers and 60 handlers for the event, plus the order for the waiting list.

Sign-up on this form includes you on the Smithsonian’s list for free volunteer parking. You can sign-up for Friday set-up, the Friday night dinner, and the Saturday night post-troop dinner (location to be determined) right on the Google Form.

You can volunteer to work shifts at the 501st or Rebel Legion table using the form, but since we don’t have the event hours yet, we can’t have sign-ups for specific shifts. Once we get the event hours, we will post sign-ups for specific time slots for the 501st and Rebel Legion tables.
If you have signed up on the volunteer list and need to cancel, please contact Deb Benigni. I will be tracking the cancellations, and moving people on the wait list into volunteer spots. Please take a moment to send me a message letting me know that you can’t make it, so I can be sure to pass your spot on to the next volunteer.

Here is some additional details on some of the items discussed above:
Children- due to our limited changing space and the high demand for costumed volunteer spaces for this event, we no longer have space to have Galactic Academy members be formal event volunteers and use our changing space. However, children are welcome to attend as members of the public (even in costume, since it is a Halloween event); they just can’t enter the changing room.

No Costumes Can Be Carried Through the Museum Between 10 AM – 5:30 PM on Event Day

As noted above, we anticipate that Smithsonian security may still have the requirement which states that no large bins or bags or duffle bags can be transported through the museum on Saturday 10/26 between 10 AM (when the museum opens, two hours before the event starts) and 5:30 PM (when the museum closes, at the time when the event ends). This will cause problems for anyone who:
* Might be delayed by traffic on arrival;
* Plans to leave the event early; or
* Plans to arrive at the event late.

In any of the circumstances above, your costume can’t be carried through the museum when you arrive after 10 AM, or when you leave before 5: 30 PM. You may need to do a car change in the parking lot in order to keep your costume bins in your vehicle during event hours. If a car change is not a possibility, you should make arrangements with another volunteer to drop off or pick up your costume as needed. If you won’t be trooping the whole event, please indicate on the sign-up spreadsheet what arrangements you’ve made to manage your costume bins/bags.

If you are concerned about traffic delays, and a car change is not an option for you, then you may want to consider getting a room in our hotel room block for Friday night. There will be no exceptions to this restriction for late arrivals.

Friday Set-Up-
Set-up for the event will take place on Friday afternoon 10/25, from 1 PM-3 PM. We will need volunteers on Friday to help set up the photo backdrops and to help with other set-up jobs. We will need to continue with set-up on Saturday morning before the event if we aren’t able to finish on Friday – we are working with the Smithsonian to see if additional set-up time can be arranged on Friday, or before 9 AM on Saturday. Set-up will need to be completed by 11 AM on Saturday so we can do our group photos before the event. Additional set-up jobs to be done either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning are setting up the 501st and Rebel Legion tables, placing the stanchions for the photo op lines, and rearranging the changing room tables. Please sign up on the spreadsheet for Friday set-up if you are available to help out, and then we will get in touch with you re: additional details.

501stand Rebel Legion Table Display items - Please contact Damon Degner if you have any items you would like to lend for the 501st table display. Please contact Christopher Brooks if you have any items you would like to lend for the Rebel Legion table display.

Handlers- Given the space limitations, we will be asking any volunteer handlers who aren’t helping costumers get into gear to stop in the changing room to check in and pick up their volunteer badge, then to leave the changing room to allow space for the costumers to change after they arrive at the event. We will also be asking any handlers who aren’t assisting costumers to change, helping with breakdown or the group photo or sharing a ride with a costumer to leave the museum when it closes at 5:30 (or when the event ends, if different), and then meet up with us at the post-troop dinner (location and time to be announced).

What is Air & Scare?
A Halloween trick-or-treat event at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Chantilly, VA, which features Star Wars characters and photo ops. The 501st, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs and R2-D2 Builders were all in attendance last year, as well as the Ghostbusters. We will have fan tables, formal photo ops, and roaming characters. The Smithsonian provides trick-or-treat stations, activities and movies for the attendees. Attendance has run between 20,000-30,000 people in past years.

Group Photo: We will be having a group photo- currently it is scheduled for 11:00-11:45 AM although the time may be subject to change.

Post-Troop Dinner: We will be having our traditional post-troop dinner again this year, but the time and location has not been determined. We will post details when they are available. Please sign up for the dinner on the event sign-up sheet, and be sure to include any friends or family who are attending the dinner but not volunteering in the appropriate question on the Google Form.

Friday Night Dinner:
Set-up on Friday is currently scheduled to end by 3 PM, but we still plan to have a dinner on Friday evening for our guests who are coming in from out of town- we will post details when available. Please sign up for the dinner on the event sign-up sheet, and be sure to include any friends or family who are attending the dinner but not volunteering in the appropriate question on the Google Form.

Food: The Smithsonian usually provides enough box lunches to feed approximately 40-60 people (some of which will be vegetarian and tuna). We outgrew their capability to feed us years ago. We suggest that if you have any special dietary needs, or if you want to be sure that you have a meal in mid-event, you should bring along a bag lunch. For those who don’t bring a lunch, there is the food provided by the Smithsonian, and there is also a McDonald’s onsite (although lines tend to be very long during the event). The Smithsonian generally does not allow food in our changing room and makes a special exception for us, so please choose the food you bring carefully: no foods that stain (like salsa or red grapes), drip (sauces and dips) or crumble and leave a lot of crumbs. We want to leave a neat room for the museum at the end of the night. We could use donations of Gatorade or soda, but we ended up with a lot more than we needed last year. We will set up a separate sign-up for volunteers to bring Gatorade or soda and will request a certain number. The museum provides water, and we have had water left over in past years, so we do not need donations of water.

Trooping Tips:
We have learned from past experience that it is best not to troop in the museum entrance hallway: this event draws huge crowds (20,000 -30,000 people), and our costumed presence causes big traffic jams. Please be aware of the need to let traffic get past you wherever you troop; please avoid blocking hallway intersections, restrooms and elevators. We have a large number of volunteer handlers- please troop in groups and bring a handler with you to assist with crowd control, line management and traffic flow. If the crowd of spectators is blocking a hallway, your handlers can help arrange them into a line which does not block traffic.

Blasters have been allowed in past years, as long as they do not actually shoot projectiles. I will confirm with the museum to see if there are any policy changes this year. Please do not point your prop blasters directly at any of the museum guests, even if they request it. Please treat your blaster at this event like it is a real weapon; keep it pointed away from people and keep your finger off the trigger.

Given our large number of volunteers, please be considerate and pack up your costume gear when you are finished changing and stow your costumes along the walls of the room instead of leaving them on the tables. We will need to keep the tables clear so others have room to change or eat.
Deb Benigni
(aka Mysterychix)

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

(1) The hold on the hotel block expires on 10/11 -- if you are going to make reservations they need to be made by next weekend.

(2) Our apologies to anyone <21 with regard to the hotel -- apparently they have a policy of not allowing anyone <21 check-in -- we will keep this in mind for next year.

(3) We are going to be talking to restaurants regarding Friday/Saturday dinners this week -- please let me know soonest if you change your mind about attending as managing a large group requires us to be accurate with numbers.
Deb Benigni
(aka Mysterychix)
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The list of volunteers is here:

Please keep in mind we are all volunteers doing this -- so updates will be posted in batches.
Deb Benigni
(aka Mysterychix)
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The volunteer list is updated...
Deb Benigni
(aka Mysterychix)
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thank you for this Deb!!
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Photo op schedule is up -- the link to find it is below. Please remember that if you need to change anything or cancel to email me at -- as soon as possible please so we can make adjustments.

Note: Corrected link --
Deb Benigni
(aka Mysterychix)
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