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Emily's Maz Kanata WIP

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Evaarla Kal (Emily)
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:55 am    Post subject: Emily's Maz Kanata WIP Reply with quote

Hi everyone!

Earlier this year I decided to finally get started on building a Maz Kanata. I've always loved Maz ever TFA came out, and as a pretty short gal (5 feet even), I figured she would be perfect Smile The soft parts are mostly done and I have all the materials needed to finish the boot covers. For the mask, I commissioned Wretched Hive Creations to make it for me. If you follow them on social media then you've probably seen the WIP pictures being posted over the past week. It's been a long wait since they're pretty busy, but I know it will be worth and I'm a slacker and take forever to get anything done anyway haha.

So without further ado, here is my current progress:

First up: The pouches are made by local friend @ligatiosjunk. There's a couple things I need to modify myself to make them more screen accurate, but I'm very happy with how they turned out as a base to build off of.

Next, the clothing. I took photos of every step during the making of the clothing but I won't post them here because they're all housed on my instagram and there are just too many to screenshot, send to my computer, and add to the forum.

Shirt: I scoured the internet for knit sweater fabric in the teal/grey/dusty colour with no luck at all, so I decided to check out the local thrift stores to see if I could find anything in a larger size with enough fabric to use for the shirt. Amazingly, I found a sweater with the perfect colour and perfect knit at the very first thrift store I visited! Should have just done that from the start instead of wasting my time looking online haha. Anyway, I just cut up the sweater and sewed it back together to look like Maz's sweater. Since the pants are quite high rise I chopped a large section off of the bottom and used that fabric to create the stand-up collar. Finishing touches on the shirt that I've not yet done are adding elastic to the cuffs of the sleeves and putting a wire in the collar so that it holds the squarish shape better.

Pants: For the pants I modified McCall's 7547. Honestly people, this pattern is a dream! So far I've used it as the base for both Sabine and Maz's pants, and will use it again to make new flightsuit pants for my mando. I modified by dropping the crotch a few inches both to match references and make my legs look shorter, which will hopefully help me look a bit shorter overall. I also patterned a ballooned design into the legs so that they will blouse out nicely over the boot covers once those are finished. After carefully studying reference photos of the pants, my best guess is that they appear to be wool. It's super hard to tell though since Maz is a CGI character and they can do literally whatever they want with her clothing. Again, I scoured the internet and local fabric stores for a good wool. I did find some that was perfect, but completely out of my price range Sad So instead I've settled on using burgundy suiting fabric for the moment. The most important part about this fabric is that it holds its shape very well, and to help with this I also lined the pants. It doesn't have the wool texture, but maybe in the future when I can afford the expensive wool, or if a cheaper option appears in the right colour, then I'll remake them. Lastly, I added the belt loops with the funny little loops under them and a large loop on the back. The pants have a side zipper that will be hidden under the belt and its accessories.

Vest: The vest is the part that I'm most proud of so far, I absolutely love the way it's turned out! From what I could tell from the references the only seam on the vest is the horizontal seam across the shoulder blades for the yoke. Fortunately I had some experience with yokes after sewing the battle Rey tunic, and was able to base the yoke off of that pattern. I had to put side seams under the arm holes as well because it would literally be impossible to sew the vest without side seams, but they are hidden pretty well in amongst the vertical quilting lines. It took a couple tries to get the pattern just right, but I'm very happy with how the shape turned out. For materials I noticed that the vest appears to be made out of two different fabrics: a light grey for the main body and a very slightly darker grey for the puffy trim. These fabrics also appear to have different textures. Since I wanted the quilting lines to be defined but not overly puffy looking, I used a nice grey twill for the main body with one layer of quilt batting. I counted and measured out all of the lines on Maz's vest and put the same amount of lines (can't remember the number off the top of my head) and same amount of spacing on my vest. That was such a pain in the butt to get right, I probably spent a good three hours measuring, drawing, and erasing the lines before I was finally satisfied that they matched the references. To achieve the different texture and colour on the puffy trim I just used cheap broadcloth in a slightly darker shade of grey. Most importantly about the broadcloth was that it was a lighter weight than the twill and would stuff and bend easily. The puffy trim around the armholes is narrower than the puffy trim around the main edge to match references. I just sewed the broadcloth into tubes (for the different widths) and stuffed them with polyester stuffing. Altogether I made 9 feet of puffy trim for that tiny little vest! . . . and I used 8 feet of it. I hand stitched in a lining of the same broadcloth to hide the quilt batting and keep the vest lightweight. The only thing I'm not quite happy with is that I couldn't figure out a way to get those horizontal wrinkles in the vest without tucking the fabric as it was quilted. Since the fabric on her vest isn't tucked I ended up not doing this at all and just chalking it up to the impossibilities of CGI fabric. The only thing left to add is the little circular greeblie which I'll probably just cut from sintra and stick on.

Marking out the quilt lines on the vest. I found it really helpful to baste the layers together with bright green thread. Once the vest was finished it was easy to see the green so I could pick it out. Angles were easier to plot and draw than curves, but the actual stitching is curved.

The inside before adding the lining.

The front! I was too excited to try it on so the front and back pictures were taken before I had stitched up the seam of the puffy tube (you can see the stuffing poking out XD ) and before I had erased the lines drawn on for the stitching. I still need to add a wire to the collar of the sweater so it will hold its shape, right now it's pretty floppy as you can see.

The shoes are Doc Martens' Eclectic Katya style in brown (Dr Martens Women's ECLECTIC KATYA brown chel | I have foot issues and get really sore feet, so I have to wear shoes with a thick solid sole, and these fit the bill. Other than that, the main reasons why I chose this style is because they have a completely flat sole like Maz's do and the brown matches. I just used a brown paint pen to cover the yellow stitching around the sole on my pair. I also chose them because they are a low rise which will eliminate bulk around the legs under the boots covers. I plan to sew snaps to them to attach the boot covers.

Other stuff: A friend 3D modelled the belt buckle for me and I'm learning to model so I can do the other greeblies and accessories. I also have to figure out the model for the glasses and headband somehow, we'll see how that does haha. For the jewellery I've just completed the necklace so far, still sourcing parts for the bracelets and rings. I used two types of beads for the necklace: Lava beads in brown and little tan colour glass beads, both from Michael's craft store. (I couldn't find the original picture without the instagram filter, so the teal fabric looks super bright here, but it's all due to the filter. This is the best picture I have of the beads Smile ).

And finally. . . the mask! This was the update picture as of this morning:

It's totally adorable and I absolutely love it Smile

Anyway that's it for now, I'm not doing costume at the moment because of the holidays, but I'll be working on this again in January because I'd like to have it completed and approved in time for Calgary Expo in April.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates Smile
Instagram @evaarla_kal
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's going to be amazing!
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