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Padme Costume Thread Index

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:10 am    Post subject: Padme Costume Thread Index Reply with quote

Looking for all of the information we have on one Padme costume? Here you will find lists of threads sorted by costume.

Queen Amidala make-up
Tutorial: Velvet Etching
Washing My Costume
Easy Pregnant Costumes
Costume Artwork
Need Amidala make up feedback
Amidala make up tips?
Need general Padme costuming info
Plus size?
Can you get accepted if you do not look like Padme?
Dimensions of Naboo blaster
Concept Costumes
Using toys/dolls as secondary references???

---Episode I---

EP I: TPM Amidala costumes Q&A
Padme blaster from TPM

Parade Gown
Tutorial: Padme EPI - Parade Gown
Padme Parade Gown
Epi.1 Parade gown WIP.
Episode I - Padme Parade Gown
My Amidala Parade Gown
Hair and Make-Up Test Parade Gown Amidala
Rhinestone jewelry
Queen Amidala - Parade Gown construction

Coruscant Gown

Senate Gown
WIP - Queen Amidala's Senatorial Gown
Queen Amidala Senate Gown
Padme Red Senate Gown
EP I: Amidala Senate Gown project

Pre-Senate Kimono
Padme Coruscant Kimono
Pre-Senate Kimono
Padmé Amidala Senate kimono - fabric for the obi?

Tatooine Peasant
Tatooine Peasant Padme
Padme's Tattooine Peasant Disguise (Ep I)
Padme Ep. 1 Tatooine-Fabric dying
Finally submitted my Padme Tatooine Peasant Disguise!
Questions about Padme Episode 1 Peasent Oufit
Peasant Padme Ep1 hair
Padme Episode 1 Peasant Costume help
Pad'me Episode 1 ( Tatoine Peasnt Oufit.) Questions
another question about Padme Tattoooine disguse
Padmes Tattooine disguise
Tatooine Peasant Padme Build

Purple Travel Gown
Tutorial: Amidala TPM Purple Travel Gown/Funeral Gown
Padme Purple Travelling Dress
purple travel gown
WIP: Purple Travel Gown
Queen TPM Travel Gown closure system? How does she get in it
Suggestion for new TPM travel gown standards
Amidala TPM Purple Travel Gown
My second Padme dress!
Padme Purple Travelling Dress Episode I

Black Decoy Gown
Tutorial: Queen Amidala Sabe Black Invasion Gown
Sabe Black Decoy Dress
Black invasion gown WIP
Padme Fabric Gopher
Queen Amidala's black travel gown in the works
Padmé or Sabé-confusion
Queen Amidala black decoy gown lace find
Black Invasion Gown Project
My Sabe Black Invasion Gown Journey
Possible Queen Amidala/Decoy fabric source
Black Invasion - Queen Amidala
Black Invasion dress from Episode I
WIP Sabe/Padme: Black Decoy Gown

Red Invasion Gown
Red Invasion Gown
Advice needed: registering Padme's Red Invasion
Padme Red Invasion Gown Hair
Amidala Red Invasion Gown
Queen Amidala (Red Invasion Gown), a critical update
Amidala red invasion gown...
Amidala Invasion Headdress for kids
Venezuelan Amidala
Starter Tips for the Red Invasion Gown?
Invasion gown dressmaking patterns?
EP I TPM Throne Room Queen Amidala gown
Egg size for Amidala throne room gown?
My Red Invasion dress
Rising Moon's Red Invasion Gown
[Tutorial]Queen Amidala Ep 1 Red Invasion Gown
WIP Red Invasion Gown
Queen Amidala's Red Throne Room/Invasion of Theed Gown

---Episode II---

EP II: AOTC Padme costumes Q&A

Wedding Gown
Padme's Wedding dress WIP
Long-term project: Padmé's wedding gown

Ripped Arena Battle
Padme Ripped Arena build thread
Natalie's Padme Ripped Geonosis Costume Build

Arena Battle
Padme Geonosis Arena Outfit: Hair Tutorial
Padme White Battle Costume - Looking For One
Ep. II, Padme battle outfit
Padme Genosis arm bands?
My wife Lauri
Padme Amadala Battle Arena EP2 Costume ?
Hairstyling Help?
Padmé Geonosis - white battle
Padme Arena Battle outfit help???
Battle Arena outfit
PAdme Arena blaster
Padme Battlesuit hair tips
Republic Blaster holster
Padme Amidala arena
Padmé arena shin guard help
New Member Padme
Padme Arena attempt!!!
Padme battle arena and blaster
Ep2 arena padme advice..
Geonosis Padme fabric help
Padme Battle Outfit - Pouches and Shawl
Geonosis Padme
Arena Padme WIP
Padme Arena costume help!

Blue Poncho
Padme Tatooine Poncho
Padme Tatooine Poncho help?
Padme's Tatooine Homestead gown
Tatooine Poncho Padme Build

Light Blue Tatooine Midriff
Ep II padme Light Blue Tatooine
Padme costume on ep 2
ep II Padme tatooine Outfit/Headpiece
Padme Tatooine blue dress episode II
Padme Tattooine WIP

Robe & Night Gown
Nightdress and robe

Black Fireside Corset Gown
Tutorial: Padme Amidala - Fireside/Black Corset Dress
Padme Fireside Dress
Padme Fireside advice needed please
Padme's Fireside Gown
[WIP] Cosandi's Padme Fireside.
Padme's Black Fireside Corset Gown question
Padmé Amidala Black Corset Episode II
Padme Ep II Fireside Brooch Help?
Fireside gown
Looking for that elusive Padme fireside gown lace?
Fireside Padme Build
Fabric for Black Fireside Gown
Padme P7 fireside fabric help

Picnic Gown
Padme Picnic Dress
Padme "Picnic Gown" sequin source
New Pic Nic Dress from Italy
Padme Inspired Wedding Gown (Completed with Pics)
Padme Picnic Dress
Padme Picnic Dress
Padme Picnic dress - build
Looking for Padme's Picnic Cape fabric
Leia's joining the Picnic (a.k.a Vera's Meadow Gown Build)
Padme Picnic gown
Picnic Gown (Beginning)
Help with a Picnic Padme
Padme's Ep 2 picnic gown progress
Picnic Padme Photo Shoot
Meadow Gown Attempt (Finally)
Picnic Corset Embroidery Finished
Padme Wig
Meadow Picnic Gown - WIP
Padme Picnic dress
Picnic Dress Sequins
Picnic Gown Build Thread

Pastel Lake Gown
Tutorial: Padme AOTC Rainbow Lake Gown
Pad me lake gown
padme "rainbow" dress seeking costume standards
Padme's Lake Gown NEED TIPS AND HELP
Padmé Amidala Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Pastel Lake
Padme's Lake Dress Hair
Lake Dress attempt
Hallo there : ) - introduction - Lake Dress
Padme Lake Dress--Help?
Padme Lake Dress need judges opinions for submission plz
Question about lake gown shoes
Lake Gown?
Padme Lake Dress

Family gown
Padme's Deleted Scene Family Gown (Naboo)

Refugee Gown
Padme refugee gown headpeice?
Padme travel gown
Padme Episode II travel/refugee gown
Padme refugee costume
New member trying to get Padme Ep. II Refugee Gown approved.

Packing Gown
Padme AOTC Packing Gown - Hair?
Padme Packing Gown
packing gown
AotC Padme's Coruscant Packing Dress
Museum Replicas AOTC Packing Gown Padme
Good Padme packing gown base?
Packing Gown - Revamp

Apartment Nightgown

Purple Senate Gown
Tutorial: Padme Ep II Senate Gown
Padme Imperial Senate Gown WIP
Purple Senate/Loyalist Committee Surcoat Questions
Purple Senate Gown - it begins.
Padme Printable Patterns!!
Purple senate costume fabric
Purple Senate / Loyalist Committee gown
Episode II Senate Gown
Ep. II Senate Gown, done
Padme Purple Senate Gown
Fabric dye question...need help.
Ep II purple senate gown fabric help
Padme Loyalist Committee Senate gown Fabric

Deleted Senate Gown
Padme Fabric Gopher
Cobalt Blue Velvet Senate Dress Necklace (Deleted Scene)
Padme AOTC: Cut Senate Scene Gown
Padme Senate Gown
Velvet Senate Gown gold taffeta: I found some!

Padmé Amidala Naboo Fighter Pilot
Padme Naboo Pilot costume!
Padmé Amidala Naboo Fighter Pilot
Help with AOTC Padme Flight suit belt buckel
Padme Naboo Pilot WIP

---Episode III---

EP III: ROTS Padme costumes Q&A
Reminder for all ROTS Padme costumes

Water/Funeral Gown

Hospital Gown

Tan Mustafar outfit
Padme Mustafar costume
Help with Mustafar Padme
Help with Padme sleeveless
Padme Mustafar Pants
Mustafar Padme hair
Mustafar Padme Help
Mustafar tan sleeveless "WIP"
WIP: Mustafar Padme
Mustafar Padme Boots Question
Mustafar Padme Wig
Padme Mustofar outfit
Padme - Mustafar outfit
Mustafar Padme build and questions on standards
Padme Mustafar Build
WIP: Pregnant Padme / Mustafar Padme
Mustafar Padme WIP

Dressing Gown
Episode III--Dressing Gown--Help needed
Ep III Dressing Gown

Peacock Gown
"peacock" Senate gown

Purple Senate Gown

Aqua Georgette Gown
Padme dress Painting (blue aqua EP III)

Olive Gown
Question to olive dress
help with padme's green velvet gown
Padme Green Cut Velvet Robe creation
Green Cut Velvet Padme
Ep III Padmé Green Cut Velvet Robe attempt - help
EP III: ROTS Padme Olive Hooded Gown Q&A
Padme Green Dress need judges plz!

Navy Blue Linen Dress
Blue Linen Dress Project
Blue linen padme
Padme Navy Blue Linen Dress Build

Revelation Gown
Padmé - Revelation Gown fabric question
Senator Amidala "This is how liberty dies" purple
Padmé purple Senate ep.III
RotS Padmé Senate Gown
Padme Episode III "Liberty dies" senate gown

Veranda Night Gown
Tutorial: Padme Ep III Veranda Gown
Veranda Nightgown fabric
Padmé - steel silk nightgown
Padme Veranda Nightgown Brooch
Padme's Steel Blue Night Gown EpIII
shoes for sleepless night lavender gown
Padme EP3 blue nightgown
Blue night dress..should I do it?

Midnight Blue Velvet Cloak

---Clone Wars---

White Battle Outfit with Purple Hood

Ilum Snowgear
Tutorial: Padme Amidala - Ilum Mission, aka Snowbunny
Snow Bunny boot question
Snow Bunny Padme Fur

Lilac Diamonds
Pink dress cartoon mini series

Padme Battle Vest
Tan/Burgundy Clone Wars Action Gear?
Want to build Padme Clone Wars Malevolence Attire
Tan/Burgundy Clone Wars Action Gear?
WIP: Clone Wars Padme; Malevolence Outfit

Tan Alderaan Dress
New Dress for Padme ~ Tan Alderaan/Mandalore

Purple Senate Vest Padme
Clone Wars Cartoon Purple Senate Padme

Gold Swirl Dress
Dress To Be Turned Into Some Dignitary Costume
Clone Wars Padme Dress

Tan Tunic
WIP: TCW Lost Missions Scipio Padme

Purple Dinner Dress
The Clone Wars: Senate Spy Purple Dinner Dress

Updated: 3/16/2018

In planning and progress:
Riyo Chuchi, Queen Apailana, Nomi Sunrider, Havoc Trooper, Amilyn Holdo

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