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Luke Skywalker (Endor Strike Team) WIP

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:11 pm    Post subject: Luke Skywalker (Endor Strike Team) WIP Reply with quote

Iím not generally a fan of ďfacedĒ characters, but I have always wanted to costume Luke in one of his guises. Being as my once-flowing brown locks are rapidly diminishing, and I donít fancy wearing a wig, I had decided to opt for a helmeted version, bringing me to a choice between Hoth and Endor outfits. Since I already own a similar Hoth costume, Endor seemed a good way to go for something different.

Thanks to my amazing wife Samantha for the black shirt part of the costume, and also to Jase Fox for putting the idea for this costume into my head way back before I was even a member of Rebel Legion!

The donut is one of Jimís (tk560). It is possibly a defective example as there was a marked difference in size between the top and bottom parts of the kit. Luckily, with some foam and careful use of filler, I was able to salvage it. I used Halfordís ďLeaf GreenĒ for the paint, which seemed to be a good match to the references.

One distinctive feature of Lukeís helmet is that there is a lot more weathering than on some of the other examples. Notably, there is a large blaster hole on the right side, along with a pretty savage-looking diagonal scar which extends right through the red-and-yellow decal. The damage is so significant, that half of the decal is actually missing. Iíve tried to replicate this by making the visible portion of the decal from adhesive vinyl, and then drawing a hot soldering iron across it to dig a deep scar in the plastic. Similarly, I created the large blaster hole, and smaller one on the left-hand side, by poking the tip of the soldering iron through from the inside. This creates a hole very easily, but also melts the outside to give a nice ragged edge around the hole, which can then be painted silver to replicate the blaster damage.

The rest of the weathering was achieved by dry-brushing silver and black around the edges of the donut, and painting a bit heavier in other places to create the various other patches. I didnít really add any ďdirtĒ, since the emphasis on this helmet seems to be more on battle-damage than actual weathering.

Soft Cap
I was originally going to use one of the CostumeBase caps, which are perfectly clearable. However, when I saw a recent example, I was shocked by how much they have reduced the quality in recent years, compared to the earlier version they used to supply (which is still the one they use in pictures to advertise the product!)
After checking what I would need, I was pretty sure I could make something better from scratch. The pattern was modified from the one I used to make my Hoth Hangar Technician hat, based on a US Navy deck hat.

I doubled-up on the fabric, essentially making TWO hats, sewn together and then turned inside-out to thicken the fabric. I made a separate centre section, with padding inside, which I sewed ribs into. Previously this section was thought to have been pleated (as on the CostumeBase hats) but with the advent of HD, recent research has shown that it is in fact ribbed. StudioCreationsí site states that there are about 27 visible ribs on Lukeís helmet, with more probably hidden inside the donut. Mine has 30 so Iím pretty satisfied with that, lol!
I deliberately didnít attach the peak to the soft cap, as research has now shown that the original peaks were fixed to the donuts. The peak is just a curved section of sheet styrene, with a fabric covering, glued to the front of the donut. To be honest, I think itís probably about half-an-inch too long, but I think it looks fine and doesnít detract from the finished helmet.
The entire cap was made entirely from scraps I had lying around:
- tan fabric left over from my Endor vest
- ear pieces from a pair of old headphones, black foam to fill
- brown / tan / black leather cheek pieces were made from scraps left over from various belts, and even an old leather jacket
- poppers, buckles etc from my toolbox
Total cost £0!

This was probably the easiest thing to make, as itís basically just a big rectangle of fabric, with a hole for your head. There are two 6-inch wide strips of fabric attached to either side of the main rectangle Ė donít ask me why. The general rule for sizing is that if you extend your arms sideways, the poncho should finish around your elbows. Length-wise it should begin just below the crotch at the front, and extend to just behind the knees at the back.

I used white cotton twill, which seems to be a great choice for most Star Wars garb of this type. Apparently Luke and Leiaís ponchos, and Hanís trenchcoat, were all white to begin with before dyeing, hence my choice of white twill.
The hood was a problem, as there is an off-camera photo of Carrie Fisher with her poncho hood up, and completely covering her Endor helmet. I had to abandon a few early hoods as I didnít make them big enough, but the final one completely covers the helmet. I wasnít too fussed about this, as Iím never going to wear it up over the helmet, but I thought Iíd better make sure it would do this just to maintain accuracy.

There are vertical slits at the front, on the left and right, through which the web belt is threaded. Basically these were done as large button holes, about 2.5 inches long.
Overall, Lukeís poncho appears to be a mix of green-grey and red-brown. I used four different fabric paints, Olive Green, Mid Brown, Reddish Brown, and finally Ivory, which may seem like an odd choice, but on recommendation from members on the main RL forum, it seems that putting the ivory on after the greens and browns serves to blend the colours effectively, and reduce the brightness a bit.

Web Belt
The belt Luke wears on top of his poncho is a black, 2-inch webbing belt, with a military buckle. I basically copied the design of my X-Wing belt, omitting the flare holders, and using a black rollpin buckle instead of silver. This is the fourth belt of this design I have made, which I find slightly insane. Silver-grey for X-Wing, olive with silver buckle for Yavin Tech, olive with black buckle for Endor Gunner, and now black for Luke!

Jedi Costume
Oddly, to make the Endor Luke costume, you also have to make the Death Star Duel costume as well! This is the simplified version of the black Jedi outfit that Luke wears from the point where he is captured by Vader, until the end of the movie. It omits the tabards and sash worn in the earlier parts of the film on Tatooine through to the Ewok Village scenes. I donít have any plans to submit this version of the costume on its own, since it would probably necessitate wearing a wig, which is something I donít want to do.
After a disasterous experience with CosPlaySky, I got a refund and decided to make my own. I was advised not to opt for their version in the first place, but I figured since it would be mostly covered by the poncho etc, it could be a good money-saving idea. Big mistake, they only sent half the costume, and what I did get was pitiful. Very poor quality fabric. AVOID.
The shirt is a modified chefís jacket, since this already came with a nice squared-off mandarin collar, and fold-over fastening. I bought two of these, one for the base, and one to cut-up for the extra sections. The material is nice and thick, unlike the wafer-thin fabric of the CPS one. My wife did the modifications to this part, as although I have a modicum of skill with a sewing machine, I didnít trust myself to get this looking as tidy and crisp as it needs to be.

The front flap was extended, buttons removed, and the upper and lower front panels made from the second shirt. The inside of the upper panel was lined with a light grey fabric (not white as previously thought), which seems like a lot of detail for something that is never going to be seen, but hey-ho! The front flap fastens with sturdy poppers.

As per the CRL, the trousers are plain black, flat-fronted trousers with a fly, and no visible pockets. Stirrups have been added to reduce bunching at the boot-tops, and I may also wear braces since these would be hidden by the poncho.
The belt I already had from my Jedi costume, which was handy as I deliberately based it on Lukeís ROTJ rig. Itís a 2-inch black leather strap, with octagonal metal buckle, and all the various clips and d-rings.
To be honest, I probably wonít wear this belt, as it will be hidden under the poncho, and would probably just serve to make things uncomfortable with all the other components. Itís listed as an optional extra in the CRL, so in any case it shouldnít be a clearance issue.

Boots are high-quality black leather riding boots, former Soviet boots I believe.
Plain black leather glove on right hand Ė nothing really to say about this!


Resin replica of Lukeís ROTJ hilt.
I intend to upgrade to a metal FX-style sabre at some point, but for now, the hilt will do.
"Go, and pray that I find your master before he finds you."

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