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SYD - Star Wars May the 4th Be With You, Ultimate Fan Weeken

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PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 5:45 am    Post subject: SYD - Star Wars May the 4th Be With You, Ultimate Fan Weeken Reply with quote

Event: Star Wars May the 4th Be With You, Ultimate Fan Weekend

Location: Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Date/Time: 04/05/2018 18:00 to 06/05/2018 20:00

Weather: Sunny and mild autumn day.

Legionaries (approved):

Baker, Chantel - Hera
Bear, Theodore - Jedi, Blue Squadron Pilot (pre-approval)
Boer, Shaun - Tusken
Fitzpatrick, Sue - Jawa
Goura, Luke - Ewok (pre-approval)
King, Josh - Rebel Fleet Trooper (pre-approval)
Mathews, James - RC Clone
Morris, Krissy - Jawa
Price, Andy - Pilot and Rebel Fleet Trooper
Rowlinson, Shanti - Ewok
Swan, Neil - Jedi
Vincent, Phil - Dagobah Luke

Cadets with pre-approval:
Keinonen, Asha - Ahsoka
Green, Brigette - ANH Princess Leia
Stonebridge, Lucy - Blue Squadron Pilot
Stockhausen, Mack - Blue Squadron Pilot
Todd, Meagan - Aayla Secura
O'Mahoney, Tim - Blue Squadron Pilot

Jarvis, David
Steele, Sarah
Stewart, Chris

Mission Report:

Rebel Legion Tython Base and the 501st Southern Cross Garrison were both invited to take part in a promotional weekend in partnership with Disney Australia and the Powerhouse Museum. This was the first fan weekend event of it's type held in Australia and we were honored to be invited. Invitations were also extended to the Sandhawk Clan - Mandalorian Mercs and the local R2 Builders club, both of which were also able to join us.

Bump In/Bump Out:
After an initial slow period of assessing the space and figure out the best way to use the space, our team of regular helper-outer-ers made quick work of setting up the Speeder bike prop and backdrop, Tantive IV back drop, information tables, banners and droid collections.

Despite being super tired at the end of a long weekend, the usual suspects helped out again, staying back and making quick work of dismantling and carefully packing away all of items. We were all packed up and out of there by 8pm. Thanks, as always, to the our dedicated helpers.

This event was unlike any other we have been asked to participate in to date. Being held in a working museum required some in-depth and complicated arrangements with the orgnaisers in regards to security. We spent weeks liaising with Powerhouse staff trying to sort out what their requirements would be and how we could best fit into their system. We had to provide full lists and contact information for all our participants and also had to attend safety and volunteer induction briefings.

Both we and the Powerhouse team found that some arrangements put in place pre-event weren't working very well onsite and some procedures were different from day to day. The museum had never dealt with such a large group of volunteers at one time for one event and there were some teething issues. We want to thank everyone for being as accommodating as possible.

These security procedures and rules are important though. There were actually two incidents over the weekend where the Museum staff, Security team, our Command team (RL BCO/XO and 501st GCO/GXO) and the police were pulled together to respond to incidents with the general public. Many of you were probably obliviously to this. I guess that is a sign of a job done well as the whole process of responding to and dealing with issues like this is to be as invisible to most of the attendees. So again, thanks for putting up with our requests. There are always good reasons and procedures behind them all.

There were, however, some discouraging security breaches over the weekend. A number of members who had not signed up for the event, nor paid for entry, were let into the venue by members of the clubs. They did not ask permission to do this from the RL BCO/XO or the 501st GCO/GXO, nor did they inform them after doing so. Neither the venue, nor we, had any record of them being onsite, which from an OH&S and security issues is an absolute nightmare. Considering that there were TWO formal security situations that arose over the weekend this was a serious and genuine risk to people's safety.

This behaviour is entire unacceptable and will not be tolerated AT ALL in the future. The RL BCO/XO and 501st GCO/GXO are always contactable and approachable and are very willing to work with our members and any security teams at venues to facilitate changes in people's availability/circumstances and any special situations that may arise. That's our job and one we are happy to do. Any future deliberate security breaches by any approved Rebel Legion member will result in disciplinary action. You have been warned.

Our dedicated wranglers did an amazing job over the weekend. Our costumed members were needed to pose for photos and interact with the public over all three floors of the museum, including outside the entrance where Disney's full sized X wing was on display. The venue was packed, with thousands of excited kids and adults and everyone did amazingly well to keep our troopers safe and comfortable, well guided. We thank you greatly as always.

Change rooms:
We were lucky to have two generous change spaces at the venue. With over 60 people on site, members of both clubs did well in keeping their gear and armour boxes/suitcase relatively neat and well organised.

What people did not do well though, was clean up after themselves. A few members spent a considerably about out time through out the weekend going around both the rooms and picking up food rubbish, abandoned partially filled water bottles, discarded pieces of tape/velcro, wrappings and blister packs for batteries and other items, used baby wipes. It was pretty disappointing to be honest. Whilst initially there was limited bins in our area, all it took was one member to ask about large rubbish bags and we were supplied with ample amounts to use. People did still not use them. We are all adults and should be able to clean up after ourselves. If you are in costume and need someone to throw something away please hand it to a wrangle. People need to do better next time

The Boring Jobs: table duty, prop supervision and queue management
A core team of people rotated through the duties of manning the information tables, helping people climb on and off the speeder bike, took photos for people and helped managing the queue management of people lining up to interact with our sets/troopers. We were, however, at times very low on help. The majority of members spent more time away from the "Fan group" corridor walking the floors etc than in our main section.

We often had insufficient people to cover the tables and to deal with the large queues of people lining up to have photos on the speeder bike. Both Command teams asked for additional help from people in the change rooms and/or for people to be asked to return to help out. Help was not always given. Considering the large numbers of people we had onsite all weekend this was disappointing.

Whilst I understand that not everyone may be comfortable manning our information tables and talking to members of the public, everyone should at least be willing to do a short period of time helping out somewhere else. You can do some of these duties in kit too. It's not fun having to constant nag people nor to have to write this. Hopefully we can get better at this as a whole, across both groups.

Costume sharing:

This is just a general reminder to all members that Costume sharing is only allowable under certain conditions. Arrangements were made with the SCG GCO before the event for a specific costume to be worn by other approved members due to the owner being busy in another of their costumes. No arrangements or approvals were granted for any other costumes.

To remind you all, the Rebel Legion charter states that:

5. Members may lend their Rebel Legion approved costume(s) under the following circumstances.

Rebel Legion members may not lend out their costumes to non-members for High Profile events. All High Profile events are for full members only with approved costumes. See Article VII: Disciplinary Actions.
For Medium Profile events, members may lend Rebel Legion approved costumes to full members or non-members, with the approval of the Rebel Legion Event Officer and the hosting Base/Outpost CO. Lending is reserved only for events where additional costumers are needed for the benefit of a charity and after every effort has been made to get enough full members to participate. Full members have preference over non-members in a borrowed costume. Members or non-members in borrowed costumes must still meet all Rebel Legion requirements for that specific costume. The full member takes responsibility for the behavior and actions of non-members wearing their borrowed costumes during the event. Prior to the event, all members and any allowed non-members accompanying them will be made aware of Rebel Legion rules/policies and the consequences of breaking them.

This event was a High Profile event and so Rebel Legion costume sharing should not have occurred at all. I'll be reminding members of the specific rules in regards to High/medium/low profile events in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Mission Status: Resounding success. We've had great initial feedback from both the Powerhouse and Disney. Great job team.
Legion Council Member 2020-2021
Tython Base CO 2018 - 2020
501st Southern Cross Garrison #CB 10223
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