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General Questions

  1. What is the Rebel Legion?
    The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization that promotes the Star Wars franchise and helps others through charity work and community service.

  2. Are you part of the 501st Legion?
    No. Although the Rebel Legion is the official "good guy" counterpart to the 501st and we regularly work together, we are separate groups. Many members belong to both clubs.

  3. Are you part of Lucasfilm?
    No. The Rebel Legion is a volunteer fan-run organization. However, Lucasfilm recognizes the Legion as the premier Rebel costuming group, and we have worked with Lucasfilm officials on several occasions.

  4. How much do you charge for appearances?
    The Rebel Legion is a volunteer organization and does not accept payment for appearances. However, we greatly appreciate donations made to charity organizations in our name. For a list of suitable charities, please consult our Charity Work information page.

  5. How can I get you to attend my event?
    Please use our Appearance Request form.

  6. What sort of events do you guys do?
    The Rebel Legion marches in parades, raises funds for charity, appears at conventions, visits children's hospitals, troops educational and science centers, and a wide variety of other events.
    The Legion does not participate in commercial ventures or business promotions unrelated to the Star Wars franchise, nor do we campaign for political or religious causes.

  7. Will you show up to my son's birthday party?
    The Rebel Legion does not generally appear at private parties except for those involving children afflicted with life-threatening or chronic diseases or for members' personal friends. We prefer to appear at public events as opposed to private (non charity) related events.

  8. What is the Rebel Legion's stance on Jedi Academy Training, Saber Training, etc. ?
    Due to legal issues, the Rebel Legion cannot authorize, support, or be involved with any type of saber training classes. The Rebel Legion cannot allow any LFL or Rebel Legion trademarks, logos, phrases, monikers, etc to be involved with any variation of saber training classes. Members will be brought up on charges if they use LFL or Rebel Legion trademarks, logos, phrases, monikers, etc in conjunction with a saber training class. We highly recommend members consider the possible legal ramifications of liability before planning, arranging or conducting any saber training sessions on their own, independent of The Rebel Legion

  9. Do you sell costumes, masks, or props?
    No. All of our costumes are hand made by our members, and none of our costumes or props are for sale to the general public.

  10. Do you sell t-shirts or other merchandise?
    No. Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its licensee partners. For this reason we only produce a limited range of apparel and paraphernalia to be sold to our members only and at cost. No profit is made. This is solely to promote our club at conventions and to give gifts to the celebrities and company representatives who are fans of the club. All material is scrutinized and approved by Legion command and many of it is submitted to Lucasfilm representatives for their feedback prior to creation.

Membership Questions

  1. What are the requirements for membership?
    The Rebel Legion is an inclusive, equal opportunity club. In order to join you must be at least 18 years of age and must legally be considered an adult where you live. Due to issues of legal liability, the Rebel Legion cannot accept minors as members. For more information on this policy, please consult our Age Requirements F.A.Q. You must also own at least one movie-quality costume depicting a "good guy" from the Star Wars films or Expanded Universe.
    For a more detailed explanation of Legion membership requirements, please refer to Article I of the Rebel Legion Club Charter. For more information on what constitutes a "professional-quality" costume, read through Article II of the Rebel Legion Club Charter and the list of Costuming Standards.

  2. How do I join the Rebel Legion?
    If you pass Legion membership requirements, please fill out our Membership Application.

  3. Where do I get a costume?
    Unfortunately, there are no high-quality, commercially available costumes licensed by Lucasfilm, and store-bought Halloween costumes are not generally accepted. All members construct their own costumes, usually with the assistance of more experienced members. If you are interested in making a costume, we recommend you consult these resources:The best way to get involved is to contact your local Base or Outpost and see if you can help out as a "handler" at an event. This way you can get to know the local members and learn more about the costumes.

  4. Are costumes from the Expanded Universe accepted?
    Yes, costumes that have appeared in at least three (3) Lucasfilm licensed materials are accepted. Costumes with fewer than three licensed sources may be accepted as a secondary costume for an existing member.

  5. Do you accept custom costumes?
    The Rebel Legion focuses on costumes and characters from the officially licensed Star Wars media, and customization is accepted so long as there is precedent for it in the licensed material. In some cases, fan created designs such as fan fiction and original role playing characters may be accepted as a secondary costume for an existing member.

  6. My costume isn't listed on the Costume Standards, Does that mean it won't be accepted?
    No, the costume standards are not all inclusive but list the requirements for the more common costumes. If your costume is not listed, you should consult the Legion Membership Officer (LMO) via Email: enlistment@rebellegion.com to find out if your costume is admissible or not.

  7. What items qualify as acceptable source material?
    Sources can include games, comic books, posters, action figures, trading cards and any other Star Wars material that has been licensed by Lucasfilm. Articles on Wikipedia and Wookieepedia should always be checked against officially licensed materials.

  8. My application was rejected! What can I do?
    Read over the rejection message. It should contain information on how to improve your costume to Legion standards. You are also encouraged to appeal the decision to the Legion Membership Officer(LMO) via Email: enlistment@rebellegion.com. You may do so by replying to the rejection e-mail.

  9. I'm a member of another fan club, is that okay?
    Yes. Many Rebel Legion members belong to a variety of fan clubs.

  10. How come you don't have ID numbers like the 501st Legion?
    Members of the 501st Legion are issued unique four-digit ID numbers, such as TK-0421. When our club was officially founded in 2001, we did have ID numbers, but dropped them in early 2002. Members felt that ID numbers were more appropriate for the 501st because they represented faceless, nameless shock troops while the Rebels were a group of individuals with names and faces. The issue has come up several times over the years, and the membership has always voted against the idea.
    Some detachments, such as Rebel Legion Starfighter Command, do issue three-digit ID numbers to members of individual Squadrons.

Age Requirements

  1. How old do I have to be to register for the forum?
    You must be at least 13 years of age.

  2. How old do I have to be to become a member?
    World-wide legal adult age varies from place to place, therefore the minimum age for membership is at least 18 years or higher if required by local law. Under no circumstances will an exception ever be made. Consult your local laws if you are unsure if you are old enough to join. This concept is referred to as the "age of majority."

  3. What is a minor?
    A minor is the legal term for someone who is not yet an adult. Minors are not held accountable for their actions or safety. Instead, the responsibility falls to those adults who are supervising them.

  4. Why don't you allow minors to join the Legion?
    Because minors are not legally responsible for themselves, any minor members of the Rebel Legion would become the legal responsibility of the club and its officers at any events where their parents are not present.
    In 2002, several lawyers were consulted on this matter and we were advised to bar members due to the fact that neither we nor our sister group, the 501st, have the liability insurance, financial resources, or legal standing to help our club officers and members defend themselves in a lawsuit. Should we lose, any officers or members named as defendants could lose their personal savings, retirement, cars, or even their homes, and find themselves thousands or even millions of dollars in debt. Even if we were the victor in such a lawsuit, the costs involved in defending ourselves would financially devastate all involved.
    Since this is just a fun hobby, this is not a risk that our members or officers are willing to take.

  5. What about a permission slip or a waiver form?
    The lawyers that the 501st consulted explained that liability simply cannot be waived by a parent or anyone else. A minor cannot sign anything and be liable for themselves, either. Your parents or guardians would not be legally obliged to honor any promissory note they may have signed. If you were injured at an event, you're medical insurance would attempt to recoup their expenses by suing us, regardless of your parents' decision.
    Permission slips do not actually protect schools or anyone else from being sued by parents. They inform the parent/guardian of the nature of the off-campus activity and ask the parent to allow their child to participate. This can assist the school in their defense in the event of a lawsuit, but does not prevent them from being sued in the first place, nor does it prevent them from losing. Schools have lost lawsuits even when the parent signed a permission slip.

  6. What if I don't attend any events without my parents until I am 18?
    Despite what you say now, you may decide to throw caution to the wind, figuring "nothing will happen" and go to an event anyway. There is also no way to know if you are sincere about this promise. Society is full of gold diggers and freeloaders looking to exploit the court system and get rich quick at other people's expense. In any case, we would still be legally liable for anything that happened to you.

  7. But other groups allow minors to join?
    Many volunteer organizations allow minors to join their clubs despite the risks. The 501st, the Rebel Legion, and the Jedi Assembly all accepted minors before adopting the current age restrictions.
    The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) accepts minors and they do have liability insurance, but they charge annual membership fees in order to pay for said insurance as well as incorporation fees, running a business office to receive legal notices, legal retainers, and so on. In the SCA, all members must sign waivers and insurance certificates must be pulled for every event, every time, and the SCA still gets sued anyway.
    Other clubs use permission slips, erroneously believing that they are protecting themselves from being sued. Some simply don't take the risk seriously, figuring that nothing will happen. Most simply do not realize that they are risking all of their personal assets by allowing minors to join.

  8. What about a special rank or league for minors?
    Some have proposed that we allow minors into a special "Junior League" or that minors be given a special rank such as "Cadet." Unfortunately, this is about as effective as a Superman T-shirt is against a hail of bullets from a minigun. Legally, we either allow minors to join or we don't. There is no middle ground.
    If we were lucky, calling minors by a different name would simply be ignored, but it's possible that the judge or jury would view this as an attempt to exploit a loophole. Judges and juries are not so befuddled by technicalities that they cannot use their common sense. Often, people who try to exploit loop holes are punished worse for doing so.

  9. So does that mean I can't wear costumes or go to conventions?
    Of course not. You don't have to be an adult to make costumes or attend conventions, and anyone can socialize and talk to whomever they want (although your parents may have something to say about that).

  10. What is the punishment for lying about my age?
    Minors who attempt to circumvent the age requirements in any way, including but not limited to lying or omitting their age or location, will be expelled from the club and have their forum account suspended until they are at least 18 years old (higher if required by local law) or for one year, whichever is longer. After this period is up, they may re-apply for membership.

Forum Rules

  1. Is swearing allowed?
    No. Swear words will automatically be censored from your posts. Attempting to cheat or trick this word filter by changing S $ or replacing certain characters with an * is equally unacceptable. The Rebel Legion is a family friendly, PG-rated group/website.

  2. How should I treat fellow posters on the forum?
    Be respectful. If you disagree with someone on an issue, share your opinion a tactful manner. Don't insult or resort to name calling.

  3. What is flaming?
    Flame, flaming, and flamer are internet terms for malicious postings and communication on the internet. Flaming is not tolerated on the Legion website.

  4. What is the spoiler policy?
    A spoiler is information about the plot, characters, costumes, etc from a new film, book, comic, game, etc. Press releases and other official information released by the producers of a new film or television series is acceptable. Anything else besides this must include a spoiler warning written in the title of the forum topic. If you are replying to an existing thread, you should warn readers that your post contains a spoiler. Anything lacking a spoiler warning will have one added to it by the moderators.

  5. What is the Legion policy on unlicensed prop and costume dealers?
    An unlicensed prop or costume dealer is someone who sells replicas of props or costumes without being authorized by the copyright holder to do so. Links to unlicensed prop dealers or instructions for contacting said prop dealers may not be posted in public forums.

  6. How do I tell if a given prop dealer is unlicensed or not?
    There are only a handful of companies licensed by Lucasfilm to produce costume and prop replicas. They are:Additionally, there are several companies who are no longer licensed to produce Star Wars products or are no longer in business.
    • Don Post Studios (masks and helmets)
    • Master Replicas (props, helmets, studio-scale miniatures)
    • Icons (props)
    • Illusive Concepts
    Other companies such as Sideshow Collectibles, Galoob, or Dark Horse Comics are licensed to produce other Star Wars products like toys or comic books. If you find a prop dealer and their name does not appear on the above list, then they are probably unlicensed.
    If you are still unsure, consult the Legion Membership Officer (LMO) via Email: enlistment@rebellegion.com.

  7. I found an eBay auction for a prop or costume. Should I post it here?
    Do not post eBay auctions unless:
    • You are the seller or you have the permission of the seller
    • You are a bidder on that auction. Imagine how you would feel if you lost out on a major bargain because of someone who wasn't even bidding on the item.
    • You suspect that the auction is scam or is ridiculous (e.g. real working lightsabres, Tatooine sand, etc.)

  8. What is a troll?
    A Troll is an internet term used to describe a person who deliberately causes trouble in a newsgroup, forum, mailing list or other online community. Examples of trolling behavior include:
    • Posts that are complaining about or advertising something that is in no way related to the Rebel Legion, Star Wars, or costuming.
    • Any "You guys suck" "get a life" "Star Wars isn't real you geeks" etc. type messages.
    • Starting topics that are guaranteed to turn into a flame war, i.e. Mac vs PC, Religion A vs. Religion B, Scotland vs. England, etc.
    • Posting lots and lots of threads with no point other than to clutter the boards.
    • Picking fights and saying mean things about or to people without reason.

Technical Questions

  1. I'm having trouble with the website, what do I do?
    First, consult the Forum F.A.Q.. If you cannot find the answer to your problem, please visit the Tech Support forum and post the details of your problem in a new topic. If you are unable to register or login, please contact the webmaster@rebellegion.com Legion Webmaster.

  2. I want to put a link to the Rebel Legion on my website. Do you have a banner or graphic for this?
    Yes, we have two:
    Height: 150 pixels, Width: 500 pixels

    Height: 75 pixels, Width: 250 pixels

  3. My profile shows the wrong base. How do I change it?
    Please drop by the Incorrect Base topic in the Tech Support forum and let us know which base you are supposed to be in.
For technical issues regarding the forum, please consult the Forum F.A.Q.


The Rebel Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans.
While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm LLC, Lucasfilm recognizes the Rebel Legion as a premier volunteer Rebel costuming group.
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