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So what is the history of the Rebel Legion? Where did we come from and how long have we been around?

Much like the fictional Rebel Alliance, the Rebel Legion was formed as a reaction to The Fighting 501st Legion. For years the 501st had grown and their presence was felt at nearly every science-fiction and fantasy convention in the world. Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters, and Imperial Officers were all united in their love of Imperial costuming.

But what about the countless Jedi Knights, Rebel Pilots, Queen Amidala's, Han Solo's and Wookiee-wannabes? They had no costuming group to call their own. So a few brave souls banded together, and much like the Rebellion, they formed their own group. The leader of this new movement was a man named Tony Troxell, a Rebel Pilot.

The Rebel Legion first appeared in mid-1999 and in the years since its formation, the group has grown from a few dozen Rebel costumers that talked to each other on the internet, to becoming the premier Rebel costuming group in the Star Wars community. Our membership is constantly increasing, and we have established our own presence in the world.

Tony took his place as the first Legion Commander. He served well for those first years, Setting the pace that has made us what we are. He eventually passed the role of leadership on to others. Eventually leading to the formation of the Command Council That is in place now. And in the tradition of the Republic that the Rebels in Star Wars are trying to restore, The current Command Council And Legion Commander are elected yearly by the members of the Legion.

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The Rebel Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans.
While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm LLC, Lucasfilm recognizes the Rebel Legion as a premier volunteer Rebel costuming group.
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