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This page is a listing of the minimum requirements for specific Rebel Legion costumes. Although this list is extensive, it is meant to cover the more common costumes and is not meant to be a complete list of all possible costumes that may be admitted by the Rebel Legion. If your costume is not listed here, you should consult the Legion Membership Officer (LMO) to see if it will be admissable. Changes or additions to this list may be submitted here. For easier reference, the master list has been broken down by character.

NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colors, and parts choices for your build please contact the LCJs for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build. (LCJ listing here)

Anakin Skywalker (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Endor Ghost)

Required Items:
  1. Floor length tan/linen outer tunic
  2. Dark brown inner tunic (V-necked/PT-style, not OT Obi-Wan turtleck)
  3. Dark brown robe
  4. Proper OT-style Jedi belt and hair style.

Reviewed/Revised by Legion Costuming Judge on March 29, 2009

Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Knight: Clone Wars Microseries: Volume 2)
This version of the costume was seen in the animated Clone Wars Microseries Volume 2 that was initially aired on the Cartoon Network but can now be found on DVD.

Required Items:

  1. Dark gray chest armor with shoulder bells
  2. Matching dark gray clone trooper style belt
  3. Dark brown knee-length V-cut outer vest with matching cape
  4. Mocha brown outertunic with slim sleeves
  5. Dark brown right and left arm ribbed guantlets with leather strap around wrist
  6. Dark brown pants
  7. Knee length dark brown boots with spats and three straps on each leg
  8. Anakin's ROTS Hero Lightsaber hilt

Formal Requirements:
You must have at least one of the following items to be accepted:

  1. Dark gray chest armor
  2. Anakin's Jedi Knight hair
  3. Anakin's right eye scar

Costume Resources:
Rebel Legion Anakin Forums

Credit: BryanAnakin

Reviewed/Revised by Legion Costuming Judge on March 29, 2009

Anakin Skywalker (Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Outlander Peasant Disguise)

Required Items:

1. Woolen outer vest, double breasted, dark brown with light brown accent pattern. Vest has wide mandarin-type collar
2. Taupe crinkle cotton long sleeve inner tunic
3. Brown and orange patterned neck scarf
4. Dark green cummerbund
4. Dark brown flat front pants
5. Dark brown boots, knee high, with spats and three straps on each leg.
6. Short hair or Anakinís cut from AotC. Costumer must be clean shaven.
7. Padawan braid.


Suggested, but not required:

1. Knee length weathered ivory travel cloak with white horizontal stripes and v-neck to chest. Sides should drape to just past the elbows when arms are bent.
2. Jedi apprentice ponytail

Costume standard effective for all costumes submitted on or after 6/1/12.

Anakin Skywalker (Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Jedi Padawan)

Required Items:

1. Chocolate to dark brown outer tunic with shoulder tucks.
2. Light tan inner tunic
3. Chocolate to dark brown cloth tabards.
4. Dark brown leather/pleather tabards that fall 2-3Ē past hemline of outer tunic.
5. Chocolate to dark brown obi.
6. Dark brown flat front pants
7. Medium brown leather belt with inner smaller strap held by 8 silver button studs and silver side release buckle.
8. Jedi food capsules, 2 gold, 2 copper, 2 silver, 2 gunmetal
9. Movie accurate small ribbed belt pouch.
10. Movie accurate tall ribbed belt pouch.
11. Movie accurate wide ribbed belt pouch.
12. Covertec clip (original style).
13. Anakin's AotC Hero lightsaber hilt
14. Belt components should be arranged in the proper order.
15. Dark brown boots, knee high, with spats and three straps on each leg.
16. Short hair or Anakinís cut from AotC. Costumer must be clean shaven.
17. Padawan braid.


Suggested, but not required:

1. Outer dark brown cloak with tabbards and pleated hood
2. Jedi apprentice ponytail

Costume Resources:
1. Rebel Legion Anakin Forums
2. Padawan's Guide

Costume standard effective for all costumes submitted on or after 6/1/12.

(Click image to enlarge)

Anakin Skywalker (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

Required Items:

1. Outer Tunic (OT): Dark brown (darker than inner tunic and pants, and not appearing black) gauze-type weave with a crinkle texture. The direction of the crinkle texture should run vertical on the main body of the OT and along (parallel with) the sleeves. The crinkle texture on the collar should run parallel to the collar-OT seam.
-Heavy Cotton Gauze is preferred. Lighter cotton gauze fabrics should be doubled or lined.
-Collar should be approximately 2 inches in width.
-Bottom hem of the OT should be at mid-thigh level.
-The hem on the bottom of the OT and the end of the left sleeve should be approximately 1 inch wide.
-Sleeves should be tucked under the shoulder ("shoulder tucks") that are at least 1.5 inches deep.
-The end of the left sleeve opening should be at least 1.5 times the width of the hand when spread out (measuring from tip of thumb to tip of pinky finger).
-The right sleeve can be shortened and cuffed in order to fit into the glove without being bunched.
-The OT should be made such that there is a skirt that hangs below the obi and which is attached with a seam to the upper portion of the OT, in order to give a full drape to the lower portion (rather than being form fitting).
-OT should be closed left front panel over the right front panel, with no visible closure mechanism.

2. Cloth Tabards: made of the same fabric as the Outer Tunic, and extending the same length as the OT to the front while ending under the Obi in back.
-Cloth Tabards run underneath the leather tabards and, on the back, form a "V", but do not cross.
-Typically made in a "Y" form where the lower portion of the "Y" hangs below the Obi, in front.
-The crinkle texture of the fabric should run parallel to the direction of the Cloth Tabard.
-The width of the Cloth Tabards should be the same as the Leather Tabards and extend from the collar-to-OT seam (at the neck) to just past the edge of the shoulder tuck portion of the OT.

3. Leather Tabards: Dark brown leather (fine grain) or pleather tabards with a shoulder and waist seam (waist seam is covered by the Obi). The color should be at least as dark (or darker) than the Outer Tunic, but should not appear as black.
-In similar fashion to the Cloth Tabards, the Leather Tabards should be made in a "Y" shape.
-Leather Tabards should end below the bottom hem of the Outer Tunic in front AND back. The front Leather Tabards can extend further than the back tabards, but should not extend past the knee.
-The preferred material for the Leather Tabards would be fine-grained sheepskin leather.

4. Obi (or sash): made of the same fabric as the Outer Tunic.
-The direction of the crinkle texture of the fabric should run diagonally (rather than parallel) across the Obi.
-The Obi should extend approximately 2 inches above and below the leather belt.
-The closure system should not be visible.

5. Inner Tunic (IT): Chocolate brown bubble gauze type fabric without obvious crinkles as the Outer Tunic. Color is lighter than the OT/Cloth Tabards/Obi and is the same color as the pants.
-Can be made in similar style as the Outer Tunic OR may be a full or false tunic (since only the collar and left sleeve shows).
-Collar is approximately 2 inches wide.
-Left sleeve extends to the wrist and is form fitting to the arm.
-Closure should be left over right with no visible closure mechanism.

6. Pants: Brown lightweight cotton twill texture of the same color as the Inner Tunic (and lighter than the Outer Tunic). Should appear slightly full (or baggy) and tucked into the boots.

7. Belt: Dark brown leather belt, and lighter than the Leather Tabards, Glove and Boots. The belt consists of two belts, a wider inner (against the Obi) belt approximately 2.25 inches in width and an outer belt approximately 0.75 inch in width. The thinner outer belt is held in place with eight (equally spaced) silver button studs and closes with a rectangular side release (or snap closure) buckle.
-Outer (thinner) belt has two leather keepers on either side of the center buckle.
-Both belts may be a smooth grain leather that is aged.
-The inner (against the Obi) belt has two incised lines running parallel to the length of the belt and approximately 0.25 inch from each edge. The outer (thinner) belt has similar incised lines very near each edge.
-The belt is closed in the back with a large keeper hiding the closure mechanism. (No visible closure mechanism.)
-The belt accessories should be arranged in the proper order (see below).

8. Belt Accessories (Pouch and Boxes):
-One dark brown leather pouch with a hidden snap or magnetic closure, approximately twice as tall as the inner (against the Obi) belt and half as thick as the resin cast boxes. There should be scored vertical lines on the flap.
-One wide, smooth, resin-cast, brown, rectangular box with a centered, gold, elliptical button. Worn on the back right next to the centered keeper.
-One wide, ribbed, resin-cast, reddish-brown (and may have, but is not required to have small gold buttons on each side). Worn on the back left next to the centered keeper. This box is slightly larger than the smooth brown box (with centered, gold elliptical button).

9. Food Capsules, eight in total and measuring approximately 2.25-2.5 inches long by 0.5 inch wide. The Food Capsules are colored two each: gold, silver, copper, gunmetal. Originally made from Staedtler Liquid Roller Point Pen caps with a half hemisphere glued to the opening.
-Four Food Capsules are worn on each side (of the belt) and are placed in the following order, front to back: silver, copper, gold, gunmetal. Actual placement is listed next...
-Four Food Capsules are worn on the left hip (behind the Covertec Clip). Two are worn on the left hip immediately behind the leather pouch. Two are worn on the left hip immediately in front of the leather pouch.

10. Covertec Clip, original design, worn on the left hip between the buckle and the four Food Capsules.

11. Belt Accessory Arrangement: From center back of the belt and proceeding around the waist from the wearer's right to left: brown rectangular box with centered gold button, silver button stud set, silver Food Capsule, Copper Food Capsule, leather pouch, gold Food Capsule, gunmetal Food Capsule, silver button stud set, center buckle, silver button stud set, Covertec Clip, gunmetal Food Capsule, gold Food Capsule, copper Food Capsule, silver Food Capsule, silver button stud set, reddish-brown ribbed box.

12. Boots, dark brown leather (or leather-like), knee high (but not over the knee) with medium gloss shine and a rounded toe. No visible laces or zipper. Zipper is located on the front of the boot and is covered by a knee-high spat with vertical ribbings. The knee-high spats are approximately one inch taller than the boots.
-Three 1 inch wide straps, two located at the top of the boots, and one located around the ankle.

13. Glove, Right Hand
-Dark brown leather (or leather-like material), the same or slightly lighter than the Leather Tabards.
-Covers approximately three-quarters of the forearm.
-External stitching giving a quilted appearance of bands that are perpendicular to the length of the glove and are located between each metal buckles and across the back of the hand. Quilted appearance should be screen accurate.
-Three silver buckles on the top of the arm, each corresponding to a ribbed rubber strap on the underside of the arm.
-The preferred leather used for the glove would be fine-grained sheep skin.

14. Lightsaber, ROTS Hero lightsaber hilt. Master Replicas, Hasbro or costume build lightsaber matching that used in ROTS are accepted.

15. Scar on Face, running vertically across the outer corner of the right eye, beginning in the middle of the right temple and terminating just below the eye.
-Prosthetics/make-up or applied and painted gelatin are acceptable.

16. Hair, medium length and parted on the left with an Alexander-the-Great style cut. Natural hair or a synthetic wig is acceptable. Costumer must be clean shaven.


Suggested, but not required:

Hooded Jedi Master's Robe
-Dark brown, wide, non-lined, hooded robe with full sleeves and body.
-Wool fabric preferred.
-Sleeves have deep hems (of approximately 4-5 inches).
-Front of robe and hood are short hemmed (approximately 1 inch)
-Hood is gathered around the neck.
-Deep shoulder tucks measuring at least 3 inches or greater.

PLEASE NOTE: Measurements are given in this costume standard. These measurements are based on an individual being approximately the same size as the actor portraying this character. As is always the case, the Rebel Legion is far more concerned about a costume fitting the wearer and being proportional than with actual measurements. While for some, these measurements will be accurate. For others, some adjustments would be required to have the costume appear proportional to a given body type.

Costuming Resources:

1. Rebel Legion Anakin Forums
2. Padawan's Guide

Reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee: March 12, 2013 through June 10, 2013
Reviewed by the Knights of the Jedi Order: June 6, 2013 through July 8, 2013


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