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Rogue Base

Serving Utah with 115 members

Commanding Officer (CO): PandaSupreme (Robert)
Executive Officer (XO): Supreme Ginger Overlord (Kirsten Capunay)
Recruitment Officer (RO): Spectre2 (Shauna Rust)

Rogue Base forum

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Real name: Robert
Rogue Base CO

Baron Soontir Fel

 Jedi Master 

Supreme Ginger Overlord
Real name: Kirsten Capunay
Rogue Base XO

Mara Jade

Real name: Shauna Rust
Base Membership Officer

Leia Organa (RotJ) Ewok Village

Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla

Active Legion Member

Leia Organa

Queen Padme Amidala
 Queen of Naboo 

Amadrienia Dan'sey

Adama asil
Active Legion Member

Adama asil

Active Legion Member

Corran Horn

Real name: Kelly Hawthorne
Detachment XO

Ahsoka Tano Winter

Ahsoka Tano

Air Won
Real name: Aaron Mead
Active Legion Member

Garven Dreis
 Red Leader 

Real name: Aliya Jackson
Active Legion Member

Sabine Wren (Epilogue)

Padme Amidala (Mustafar)

Rose Tico
 Resistance Ground Crew 

Sabine Wren (Civilian Wear)

Sabine Wren (season 4) Heavy Armor

Sabine Wren Season 2

Leia (Boushh Disguise)

Sabine Wren Season 3

Sabine Wren Season 1

Ander Shren
Active Legion Member

Ander Shren

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