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Viewing costume :: Q'Anilia

Character Profile

Jedi Master
Member:  SongofAmazon (Jenna)
Assistant Legion Membership Officer
The Outer Rim
Character Name:  Q'Anilia
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Miraluka
Jedi Master
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Q'Anilia was a Miraluka Jedi Master
at the time of the Mandalorian Wars
in the Knights of the Old Republic
era. She was part of a secret Jedi
Covenant watch circle, founded to
help foresee and prevent the rise of
the Sith again after the war with
Exar Kun and the Krath. The
group's paranoia, however, led to its
demise and Q'Anilia's death.

This costume was one of my big
projects while I was living in India.
I got all the fabrics in the Dharmsala
bazaar, and I really don't know what
they are other than synthetic. I had
a custom dye job done on the pink
sheer in a back alley. It's handy
that there are shops there that do
that for 50 rupees.

Because Q'Anilia is a comic book
character and there are a number of
different artists throughout the
comics, her costume varies,
sometimes wildly, from frame to
frame. For my costume I strove to
combine the elements that tended to
show up most frequently with those
that were the most physically
possible. Not everything on paper
was feasible in fabric.

The 'robe' is about the only
consistent piece in the ensemble.
She always has the deep hooded
short robe, essentially never having
the hood down, with long, wide
sleeves and even longer sheer, pink
sleeves gathered inside.

Her shirt is blue with two brown
panels in the middle, framed by
bright green stripes. The collar,
however, takes many shapes, sizes,
and colors. I opted for the style
that appears in The Essential Guide
to the Force
-EGF.jpg) with a color scheme more
common to the comics
jpg). It is fastened down to the shirt
with a green, diamond-shaped

The skirt consists of a petticoat, a
purple underskirt, a purple wrap
overskirt with green edging, and a
wrap belt of a brown and two blue
triangles. In some shots in the
comics, the purple underskirt is
missing or is replaced by a pink
underskirt. However, since the
purple skirt is present in the
majority of images, I opted to go
with that.

In about half of the images, Q'Anilia
has green lightning bolts on the blue
panels of her shirt and on the blue
triangles on the wrap belt. In the
other half, she does not. I opted to
go without these, largely because
my torso is not as long as her
cartoon torso and there just isn't
room between my belt and my chest
for them.

For the belt, she has a sheer pink
wrapped obi with a dark brown
leather belt over it. The belt is
fastened by two narrow strips of
leather in the front and has two
drooping decorative strips on each
side. She is a Jedi Consular and
carries the green lightsaber of her


Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to
the Force:
p. 21-
(she also appears in an image on p.
xix, but I don't have a scan of that)

Vector (comics):
Vol. 1, p. 15
(among other appearances in Vol. 1,
p. 9-15)

Celebration IV Dark Horse Poster:
(On the far left, in the second row,
in front of two Ithorians)

Knights of the Old Republic
Campaign Guide:
(This is a unique variation on her
outfit, but the colors are consistent.)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old
Republic Handbook:
p. 9-
(The colors in her profile picture in
the handbook are somewhat off, but
this is the only instance of that
coloring and the design is otherwise
the same as what appears in the
comics. She also appears on p. 2 in
her normal coloring.)

Knights of the Old Republic
Vol. 1-

Vol. 2-
arequanil.jpg (Here, Jarael disguises
herself as Q'Anilia with intentionally
inaccurate costume.)

Vol. 3-
pg (the addition of a winter cape
never appears again, outside of this

Vol. 6-
GryphQnilia.jpg (Q'Anilia dying, one
of the very few shots with her hood
down, confirming her hair color and

She also appears on the last page of
Vol. 4.


Pictures on other sites

 belt details


 head shot

 hood down



 with a lightsaber

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