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The Marshall/Cobb Vanth Draft with resources
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Don Coon ()

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PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2021 5:16 pm    Post subject: Cobb Vanth - The Marshal - Standards Proposal - REVISED Reply with quote

Revised Standards Proposal for Cobb Vanth - The Marshal. Some edits and a link to a photo gallery of screengrabs supporting the details listed.

Standard Name: Cobb Vanth
Primary Detachment: UCGR
Submission Date: (Date standard is submitted to the LMO team)
Existing Standard URL: Not Applicable


Cobb Vanth, also known as "The Marshal," a human male who lived during the Galactic Civil War and subsequent New Republic Era. Once a slave, he rose to become a sheriff of Mos Pelgo on the planet Tatooine. He despised the Red Key Raiders, a syndicate attempting to establish itself on the planet. Immediately following the Battle of Endor, Vanth fled into the desert following Mos Pelgo's takeover by the Mining Collective, he encountered some Jawas and traded a camtono of silicax oxalate crystals for a set of Mandalorian armor.

Vanth led and defended the Mos Pelgo including battling Tusken Raiders who raided their village multiple times. At one point, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin came to town searching for a fellow Mandalorian. Vanth agreed to give Djarin his armor in exchange for helping him kill a krayt dragon that lived nearby. Vanth and Djarin allied themselves with a local group of Tusken Raiders as well as the people of Mos Pelgo and succeeded in defeating the beast, after which Vanth gave Djarin the armor and parted ways with him.

(Source: Wookiepedia)

Link to album of reference screen captures showing all of the items and details below:

Worn around the neck, ties in back
Deep red in color
Linen material, thick enough to have folds, but not minor wrinkles
Some weathering and fraying of edges per reference.
Worn with or without armor. Not used if going for flashback escape/desert wandering.

Swiss Dot or distressed "Frontier Dot" or "Dobby Dot" style fabric with dots proportionate to reference photos. Dot fabric must be a light to medium tight weave with a brushed or "pre-washed" soft worn look. No thick fabrics, dot brocades, etc.
Long sleeved oversized fitting shirt with a standing collar approximately 1.5" tall. Top edges are rounded. Closed, the shirt is similar to a standing collar of the late 1800s - old western Floyd "side-button” shirt with a vertical cut on the outer flap. The outer flap when opened has a dark lining. There are no visible fastenings. Loose fitting in sleeves, tucked in front, slight blousing in back.

Sleeves are billowed and knife-pleated into an elongated cuff that extends roughly three quarters of the way to the elbow, or the length of the gauntlets. Fasteners are hidden unless you can find them in the reference.

Matrix brand - Half-finger tactical gloves (for airsoft) - “Tan”
Also sold under Valken Paintball V-Tac brand name.
(Note: Their “Tan” is a somewhat greenish tan.)
Weathering includes dark discoloration and some minor fraying per reference.
Three sizes of the Matrix brand are available at these links:

Gloves are only worn when Cobb Vanth uses armor, no gloves are in scenes without armor

Belt & Accessories
Condor - Rigger Belt - “Tan” - This belt has specific buckles and webbing and is 1.75” wide. Remove logoed labeling.
The belt closes on the blaster side not as normally intended. The main part of the belt passes through the buckle, pulling the buckle locking bar to the right and covering it as it passes across to attach with velcro. The belt does NOT go back through the buckle on the other side of the locking bar.
At the left side of the triangular metal part, where the triangle narrows, there is an added black ratchet strap. This is used to hold the detonator later in the episode.
On the right rear of the belt when worn, there are 5 vertical thin cylindrical objects that appear aluminum. They have some varying detail. The consensus is to use Central Pneumatic Pocket Blow Gun from Harbor Freight (aluminum finish version is available in-store and is inexpensive) barring any future higher resolution reference to the contrary. They are attached to the belt in a fabric bandolier-style per reference.

Holster & Accessories
Holster belt is 1.5” wide and is or looks like leather, reddish brown per reference images.
The holster belt is slung very low on the right side, under the rear right pants pocket flap.
The holster itself is the same color leather material. It wraps from the buckle around the left hip (non-blaster side) and comes around the right hip back to the front. There is no leg tie.
Standing reference shows 3 visible belt holes on the non-blaster side of the buckle. Flying reference shows 3 visible belt holes on the blaster side, front pouch is not visible. Therefore, holster belt may be adjusted as needed.
Front pouch - same color as the holster belt, approximately one finger width away from the buckle toward the blaster side. Brass chamfered Chicago screw closure. The middle third of flap is somewhat straight cut with the outer thirds being 45 degree angles, rounded corners (not sharp, exacting cuts). In reference, front pouch itself is level despite the low slung angle of the belt.
Rear pouch - same size and style as the front pouch, Located to the right of rear left pocket, left of center overall. Rear pouch is aligned with the belt angle.
Micro Connectors - M.2 2280 SDD Heat Sink Kit - the top face of the anodized aluminum part must be sanded to the bare aluminum surface. The heat sink is placed on the right side of the holster belt, approximately half its own length away from the holster per reference.
Chamfered brass Chicago screws with NO flat head slot - same brass color as the pouch snap. See reference for height off belt. One set of two screws, one above the other, are equidistant between the rear pouch and the heat sink part. A second set are the same distance on the opposite side of the rear pouch. The flying standee reference shows another brass part next to the holster buckle under the extra belt length - likely another set of two screws.
Holster belt has an aluminum part on the left hip - flat, square base with chamfered corners and four screw points. A cylinder rises up from that base with a smaller cylinder rising up from that. Secured with set screws.
Belt buckle is white with raised red stripes signifying a Marshal badge. The overall buckle shape is like a rounded rectangle with the long and short edges also bowing outward. The raised stripes taper in relief near the edges of the buckle. Weathered scratches in the red areas are to be white to match the majority of the buckle per reference. Approximate proportions of red stripes vs white, using one of the thin vertical red stripes as 1 unit of measure for width:
2w / 1r / 1.75w / 3r / 1.75w / 1r / 2w
The buckle itself is approximately 8 widths of the thin stripe turned horizontally high.

Pants & Accessories
Men’s Tactical Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants - Green - sold under multiple brand names such as Free Knight. Distinctive features include uniquely shaped rear pocket flaps, unique side pockets with straps and a metal ring.
Weathering on the left hip and patches have been added to the front left pocket and both rear pockets, roughly sewn as if patched over the years. Front pocket is mottled in appearance, no discernible pattern, looks loosely paint-weathered with no distinct hard color contrasts.
Left leg pocket includes a single closure leather-like pouch, dusty black, possibly used to hide the existing zipper pockets (no zippers in a Galaxy Far, Far Away). Also included is a Data Tag, generally a rectangle, with details on different levels per reference. Dirty white to very light gray with a red button and dark gray inset rectangle with small repeated hole pattern.
Right upper pocket has either dark woven leather or a section of mesh fabric attached to hold three aluminum cylinders. In the basic standee image, the weathering includes blue paint on the mesh. This made them look like they could be salt shakers, but the flying standee reference reveals a solid metal base to the cylinders. The solid aluminum base is also seen on the center cylinder on the front view standee art. Reference from the town meeting held in the cantina (last image in the reference album) shows it to be woven leather with aluminum cylinders with caps with 8 levels of circular detail of varying diameters per reference.
Rear right pocket looks to be the reverse side of a woven fabric creating a raised texture pattern.

Spats are brown leather in appearance with four straps to secure a spat to each leg. The leather from the upper leg is used the full length of the spat. The spats get more sandy and dusty the closer they get to the foot. The top of each spat in ringed with black piping. There is a top ring around each spat under that, ending with stitching. The main body of each spat has vertical stitching that runs from the top ring almost down to the foot cover, curving in toward the center and back up the spat. The same shape on the opposite side of the leg. The foot cover hides the laces and related structure, but still shows the top of the boot. Each of the four straps also has stitching along the top and bottom edges, hook and loop closure. Brown color is darker than the boot material, yet the boot and spats are similarly colored due to sand coloring.
Spats height is below the knee per reference. When standing, right leg armor can overlap the top of spat. When flying, the spat may slide down to allow space for free floating armor between the knee and the spat.

Tan work or combat boots, tan in color, dark sole, weathered with scuffs and scrapes, dusty in appearance. If you can find boots that have an exact matching sole pattern and profile to the reference, congratulations, you super footwear sleuth!

Hair/Facial Hair
Salt and pepper gray, short on the sides, longer on top. Some style variation from scene to scene. Sometimes worn back with a loose center part, sometimes more to the side with essentially no part. Sometimes slightly off-center loose part. Never a hard line part. Facial hair is salt and pepper gray, longer on upper lip and chin, shorter and lighter elsewhere. Slight part in center of moustache area. Natural edges - not a cleanly groomed edge. Beard trimmer guards: 3 for chin, 2 for sides, blending into 1 on cheeks. Chin blends to neck from 3, 2, then 1. Moustache is longer, scissor trimmed.

Flak Vest
Boba Fett ROTJ-style flak vest - See Disney Gallery; The Mandalorian Season 2 for behind the scenes footage with flak vest on without armor for proper seams and sew pattern. Back shows zipper closure, exposed harness and velcro patches for jetpack stability.

Boba Fett - similar to ROTJ with extensive paint pitting and wear per reference.
Consensus is the helmet was molded from Sideshow/Legacy Boba Fett life-size bust helmet.
Weathering and pitting per reference.
“Diagnostic port” borden connector is painted the same green as the lower cheek - not weathered silver like other Boba Fett helmet versions. (Sideshow bust borden was not silver, either. (Perhaps the metal reacted with Sarlacc stomach acid and oxidized.)
S2 E1 Cobb Vanth - No LED lights appear on the rangefinder both times Cobb Vanth uses it. The rangefinder drops and raises without touching the helmet.
OPTIONAL: Servo to control rangefinder.
S2 E6 Boba Fett, technically in the same helmet, touches the helmet ear to drop the range finder and the two red LEDs light up. Bottom LED stays on, top LED blinks.
OPTIONAL: Red blinking LEDs

Similar to ROTJ Armor with extensive paint pitting and wear per show reference.
Chest, shoulder and back armor is mainly green, but really extensive wear and pitting down to silver. Decal on upper right chest plate (when wearing) is weathered to match show reference. Center diamond between chest plates is the same color as the armor and has a rectangular piece of plastic, painted silver, inserted in the middle as shown in film era visual references.
Gauntlets are very specifically shaped and red with extensive pitting per show reference. Tubing (3) from right gauntlet is exposed, leading up under rear of right shoulder.
Shoulder armor plates matching show reference - yellow/orange with extensive pitting and weathering down to silver. Mythosaur icon is on left shoulder and weathered per reference.
Right knee armor matching show reference - yellow/orange with weathering and pitting.
Inner section forms an upside down "F" pattern as shown in reference images.
Knees are golden yellow and weathered with orange and silver.
Knee Armor appears to attach via a ¾ - 1" dirty white elastic strap, around the back of the knees and weathered according to film era visual references.
The right knee has 1 cylindrical dart launcher on the outside (bottom position) and a tapered metal detail in the top position. These details match film era visual references.
The bottom dart on the right knee has a black ring facing front and matches film era visual references.
There is no left knee armor.

Boba Fett ROTJ-style jetpack with welded patch as seen in the show and replaced missile with shorter, new look. Extensive weathering and pitting per reference.

Blaster Pistol
Based on a German WWI Model 1894 Hebel Flare Pistol with hammer and breach opening lever removed. Front half of blaster is custom. Grips are wooden in appearance.

Blaster Rifle
Bulk of blaster rifle is based on PP-19-01 Vityaz airsoft replica. Middle section of scope from a Singlepoint scope and camshaft segment from Revell Visible V8 Engine Model (Thanks to The Parts of Star Wars - - for identification).
Pistol grip and barrel have a tan fabric wrap per reference.

Original part is a Honeywell M42G Remote Alarm
German Army - Bundeswehr
Honeywell ELAC M42G
NSN: 6665-12-187-5525
Light and sound signal.
Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof
External power supply 14.3V
Weight: 500g.
Military production from Germany.

Alterations required: remove bottom switch, fill hole. Add red toggle switch in top hole. Fill in Bund logo, grind off icons, remove top two rings, add two thin plates on either side of the center light - see reference for shape. Side plates - 2 rectangular plates with ridges that don’t stick out any farther than the central lip of the unit. Positioned away from the new switch per reference. Hero prop has 12 main ridges, the space in between New top handle per reference shape using the original holes from the removed rings. Add two switch guard rails with rounded 90 degree angles and a nut at each of the attachment points. Parallel to the unit, on either side of the new switch.
In close up in Cobb’s hands, the metal rails are black. The unit Cobb hands to Mando has bare aluminum rails. In Mando’s hand for the final detonation, the rails are black again.
In the hero close up in Cobb’s hands, the switch is down, “button” light is on. The unit Cobb hands to Mando, the switch is up, light is off. In Mando’s hand for final detonation, the switch is up, light is on.
Switch is an illuminated switch, though difficult to see in the sunlight..
Ridged add-on parts on either side: In the hero close up in Cobb’s hands, there are 12 ridges on either side. In Mando’s hand for the final detonation, there are 14 ridges.

New top switch:
NKK Switches TL22DCAW015C
Mfr. Part #: TL22DCAW015C
Allied Stock #: 70192199
Toggle Switch, DPDT, .689" Flatted Red Toggle, Red 2VDC LED, 6A, 125VAC, Solder
Original part two leads have inverted triangles painted onto the rubber covers. White inverted triangle on right side, green inverted triangle on the left.
Painted black and weathered. Back panel is also black.

Costume Resources:
Reference Photo Gallery -
Don Coon
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SongofAmazon (Jenna)
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2021 12:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is fantastically detailed. Thanks so much for working through this.

Before your DCO can move this onto the next phase, it will need a few adjustments.

1) Each costume piece (bandana, shirt, gloves, etc.) will need 1-6 reference images under the costume piece's heading. You've got a nice gallery already, but it will be a huge help if you can put the links to individual images with each costume piece.

2) Make sure all of your measurements are in both metric and English, as the RL has members all around the world.

3) Our standards can't link to or require specific manufactured pieces or brands. This is largely because not every country has access to those parts, or they may not be on sale sometime later. What's important is that the costume looks close enough. Instead of giving a specific brand/model, you can describe what it looks like and then add in parentheticals something "(Matrix airsoft or Valken paintball gloves recommended)." If you want to link to a thread like this one where you have done all of the research of what parts can be found where, you can add a link directly to a thread in the Costume Resources section at the bottom.

Thanks for putting this all together!

In planning and progress:
Summer Dreams Padmé, Vernestra Rwoh, Riyo Chuchi, Havoc Trooper, Saché, TOR Jedi, Jarael

ALMO | Guam Regional Captain | RLGS Web Team | She/Her | 2020 Commander of the Year
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