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TROS Rey - Standard Mock up - Ref Images - Discussion
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tried to put the text in the new standards format, hope to be helpful!
There may be a few typos since I had to write everything from zero... copy/paste didn't want to work...
Rey Skywalker
Primary detachment:Knights of the Jedi Order

Character description:
Rey Skywalker, once known only as Rey, was a human female Jedi Master who fought on the side of the Resistance in the war against the First Order. A former scavenger from the planet Jakku, her life was changed by the tumultuous events of the last days on the New Republic Era. Her decision to help the droid BB-8 would set Rey on a course to discovering the Force that awakened within her, leading her to seek out Jedi Master Luke Skywalker for training (Source:

Required Items

Required details
- The shirt is cream or off-white with a V neck made of a knit fabric and is lined in the same or similar light weight fabric.
- The shirt should end at the wearer's hips and the bottom of the shirt is unfinished.
- The shirt has a standing collar attached with a French seam.
- The shirt has cap sleeves.
- The edges of the neckline, collar, cap sleeves and raglan shoulder details are finished with a blanket-stitch or whip-stitch detail.
- There is a lined hoot attached around the collar, with the corners of the hood attached at the front point of the collar. There is a center seam with two darts on either side.
- The hood extends down the wearer's back to a few inches above the belt.
- The hood is made from different fabric than the shirt, but of the same or similar off-white color
- There is a seam on the outside center of the hood starting at the base and extending about the half the length of the hood.
- Hood must be large enough so that when the hood is up the sides of the hood drape to extend to or cover half of the shoulder.

Optional details
- The hood has a narrow box pleat down the center.
- The shoulders also have a faux raglan detail.

Required details
- The obi is an off-white color made of the same or similar fabric to the tabards.
- The obi is approximately 1-2 inches wider than the upper belt but non so wide that it covers the entire waist.
- The obi is worn over the wrap dress and under the belt.

Wrap dress
Required details
- The wrap is white or slightly off-white in color and made of a thin, lightweight
gauze, such as silk tulle or similar material. Heavier crinkle gauze is not
acceptable for this costume.
- The wrap is very wide but gathered at the shoulders. It crosses over the
breasts and in the back right over left.
- The loop of the wrap falls to the lower knee on the wearer's left. The loose
ends fall to their right side, with both extending to the top of the boot.
- The wrap is worn under the obi and belt, except for the loose piece on the front right, which hangs over the lower belt.

Required details
- Belt is a brown weathered belt, made of leather or leather-like material.
- Belt is constructed of one continuous piece that splits into the two belts. The joined portion is on the wearer's left and the separated sections and belt closures are on the wearer's right.
- The belt's upper and lower sections are secured each with a pair of rectangular metal rings, proportional to the width of each section of the belt.
- Twine wraps around the conjoined section in the front of the belt.
- Belt is approximately 1-3/4 inches at the top and 1-1/4 inches at the bottom (approximately 3 inches at the conjoined part, proportional to the wearer). The top section must be wider than the bottom.
- Buckles on bottom loop of the belt must be placed in the back, behind the holster (buckles must not be hidden under holster; buckles and closures of lower loop must not be in front of holster.)
- Belt has one keeper (or slit) after each metal ring to secure the loose end folded over.
- There is a silver metallic rectangular weathered buckle on the lower belt found right after the split.

Optional details
- There is a horizontal slit in the belt right behind the twine used to hold the lightsaber.

Required details
- Pants are white and made of heavy-weight fabric such as suede. The color is the lightest color on the costume.
- The pants fabric must be thick enough so that they are not see-through.
- There is a vertical seam down the front and the back of each pant leg, with one row of stitching on each side of the seam.
- The pants are closely fitted and the full length comes to just below the knee, with a short slit on the outside of the knee.
- The hem of the pants and slit is finished.
- There are elongated octagonal knee pads that have five ridges, the middle one being larger than the rest.

Am wraps
Required details
- The arm wraps are made from a thin leather or leather-like material, such as pigskin or goatskin, and are light beige to taupe in color.
- They extend from the wearer's wrist to just below they elbow and have a seam closure on the inside of the arm, which runs half way down the wrap; it is then finished by wrapping the leftover leather around the wrist.

Upper arm cuff
Required details
-The upper arm cuff is a medium brown (the same or similar in color to the belt) and made of a leather or leather-like material.
- It is worn on the wearer's upper right arm.
- Overall width of cuff is approximately 3 inches, tapering down with 45 degree edges to a 2 inches width after it wraps the wearer's arm one time, then tapering down again to 1 inch width the second time it wraps the arm.
- Slits are cut into the cuff at the point where each taper would pass through the previous wrapping, and the tails end is left loose but pressed down flat, possibly held with a magnet or velcro, which is not visible.

Wrist bracer
Required details
- The wrist bracer is a medium brown (the same or similar in color to the belt) and made of a leather or leather-like material.
- It is worn on the wearer's left wrist, over the arm wraps.
- It continually wraps around the wrist in the same direction two full times, and has a total of six slits cut into it, arranged in groups of two, at appropriate intervals to facilitate its fastening.

Required details
- Holster is a medium brown (the same or similar in color to the belt) and made of a leather or leather-like material.
- Holster is attached to the lower belt.
- Holster is simple and void of decoration.
- Narrow thigh strap wraps around the wearer's right leg and is secured by a rectangular metal buckle and a button stud.
- Two metal studs secure the leather in the front.

Optional details
- There is a "x" stitch on the thigh strap.

Required details
- The boots are light beige to cream colored linen or linen-like fabric, with matching leather or leather-like details on the heel and back of the boot.
- The soles are slightly darker than the main boot and are flat.
- The top of the boot ends just above the ankles.
- The heel of the boot is leather or leather-like in a slightly darker color than the fabric of the boot. A strip of the same material goes up the back of the boot, with two attached loops for lacing.
- The boot is laced in the back by threading cream cord. End of the laces are tucked in so as not to be seen.
- The screen used boots are the same or very similar to Po-Zu Rey boots in Natural Linen.

Required details
- Hair is done in a bubble ponytail style down the back of the head from crown to nape, with three bubbles in total.
- The first bubble is created by sectioning just above the ears and sits at the crown of the head. The second and largest bubble is at the center of the back of the head. The third bubble ends at the nape of the neck.
- All loose hair at the bottom must be tucked up and under the third bubble.
- The bubbles must have volume to them.
- All natural hair colors are accepted; brown preferred.

Optional items

Required details
- The staff should be proportional to the costumer's height. It should be about 3-4 inches (15.24 cm to 20.32 cm) above the head of the costumer when held straight up.
- Two H-shaped leather "harnesses", each with a metal D-ring, attach to the strap with snaps.
- The staff has a weathered tan strap that attaches to those D-rings with metal clasps.
- Staff is metallic black.
- Staff is extremely detailed and will be compared to the photo references to determine closeness in detailing for approval.
- All pieces must be weathered.

Reconstructed Graflex
Required details
- Rey's Episode IX reconstructed Graflex.
- No toy sabers, no Ultimate FX Short saber.
- The lightsaber may be a static prop (hilt-only.)
- If bladed, it must be Blue.

required details
- Blaster LPA NN14: See visual dictionary reference for details.
- Blaster is worn in the holster.

Crossbody satchel
Required details
- An ivory crossbody satchel with a matching weathered shoulder strap.
- Satchel may be made by canvas or in a similar material of the arm wraps.
- Strap is connected by a D-ring at the top and an adjuster at the bottom side.
- Netting pocket is on the lower front of the bag.
- Curved recessed seam on the back of the bag.
- Side flaps are curved.
- satchel color must be similar to the color of the arm wraps.

Rey's Yellow saber
Required details
- Saber hilt is metallic black.
- Hilt is weathered.
- Middle part of saber is wrapped with weathered white gauze and brown leather or leather-like material.
- Saber hilt is made from some pieces of Rey's quarterstaff.
- The lightsaber may be a static prop (hilt-only.)
- If bladed, it must be golden yellow.

Pasaana Husk Necklace
Required details
- Necklace is made of orange wood beads.
- Necklace features five little dolls that resemble the Aki-Akis, Pasaana villagers.
- When worn, necklace must reach at least the breasts.

Sith dagger
Required details
- Ochi's blade is metallic grey to weathered silver.
- Dagger features engraved Sith words of the sides of the blade.
- Dagger handle is wrapoed with auburn brown leather or leather-like material.

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